The Canadian Sunday Briefing: Kristen Bicknell SCOOPS Big Money

The Canadian Sunday Briefing: Kristen Bicknell SCOOPS Big Money 0001

Every Sunday, millions of dollars are paid out to poker players around the world when sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and partypoker host the week’s biggest and best online tournaments. Each week, we take a look at how players from Canada fared in the Sunday majors.

This Sunday, May 26, 2019, the best Canadian results all went to "brand-name" players. Top spot this week clearly goes to Kristen "krissyb24" Bicknell who scored more than a quarter of a million in SCOOP 62-M: Main Event. Honourable mention, however, has to go out to Nick "caecilius" Petrangelo for his better than $100K score in SCOOP 62-H: Main Event and Mike "SirWatts" Watson for winning more than $175K in SCOOP 63-H: PLO Main Event. Here’s the full report on major Canadian results from this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on 888poker

XL Inferno #32 - Main Event

The Main Event for the XL Inferno series at 888poker guaranteed a whopping $500,000 prize pool for just $250 entry. There were 1,634 players interested, and 502 of them were interested enough to rebuy. That meant there was $501,960 in total prizes to play for.

One Canadian made it into the final nine of this one. Fourth place and $32,627.40 belonged to Canadian "forza749" while the win went to Russia's "D3n1sk4PP".

Sunday Majors on PokerStars

SCCOP 61-H: Sunday Warm-Up SE

This week, The Sunday Warm-Up was super-heated with SCOOP fuel, putting $1,000,000 guaranteed in the middle for $2,100. A total of 590 entries meant the prize pool crashed past the guarantee to a total of $1,180,000.

One Canadian figured in the final table as eighth place, and $26,695.49, went to "7Phenom1991". The win went to Swedish player "ShipitFTW911" for $197,703.45 after a heads-up deal.

SCOOP 62-M: Main Event

The Main Events for SCOOP ran this weekend, and the medium version featured a $4,000,000 guarantee for $1,050. After 5,475 entries took virtual chairs, the prize pool topped out at $5,475,000.

partypoker ambassador Kristen "krissyb24" Bicknell was the only Canadian to make a deep run in this one, pocketing $269,011.38 for fourth place. The winner was Jacobo "jakobgold" Montoya from Mexico who made $688,558.42 after a heads-up deal.

SCOOP 62-H: Main Event

The High version of the Main Event cost a whopping $10,300 to enter, but promised at least $5,000,000 in total prizes. After 662 entries found $10K in their couch cushions, the prize pool ended up at $6,620,000.

One Canadian managed to sneak into the final eight of this one, but Nick "caecilius" Petrangelo couldn't make it any farther, finishing in eighth for $127,290.02. The final two players cut a deal heads-up, but that still left Austrian "Tankanza" with more than $1,000,000 for the win.

High Roller Club: Sunday HR

For $2,100, the High Roller Club: Sunday HR guarantees at least $200,000 in prizes. With 122 entries this week, the prize pool ended up $244,000 deep.

There was a Canadian flag in fifth place in this event, as US import Elio "smokrokflock" Fox pocketed $18,765.55 for his efforts. The heads-up deal at the end left Uruguay's Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez with $49,338.78 for first.

SCOOP 01-L: Phase 2

Outside the Main Event, one of the marquee events in SCOOP is always the phased first event. With qualifying Phase 1 rounds held throughout the series, Phase 2 for the Low version guaranteed $250,000 in prizes for just $2.20 entry fee. A total of 13,848 entries clicked through the turnstiles on this one, setting the total prizes at $285,115.32.

There was one Canadian in the mix at the end of things and "b-balldude28" was part of a three-way deal at the end that secured the Canadian $18,320.71 for second place. Top dog in this one was Brazil's "lucascostaf" for a nice return of $21,407.85 on their $2.20 buy-in.

SCOOP 63-H: PLO Main Event

Fans of the four-card game got a shot at Main Event glory with the $10,300 SCOOP 63-H: PLO Main Event. When the dust settled, 150 entries blew past the $1,000,000 guarantee to put $1,500,000 into the kitty.

Mike "SirWatts" Watson was the only Canadian to figure in the top prizes. He narrowly missed out on the heads-up deal, collecting $176,128.20 for third place. The final two cut a deal that left Swede "pkrbt" with $285,762.77 for the win.

SCOOP 64-H: Sunday Cooldown SE

The progressive KO, turbo Sunday Cooldown got a boost from SCOOP this week, with a Special Edition that put $750,000 guaranteed up top for $1,050. A total of 1,054 beans in the entries jar meant there was $1,054,000 in the pot to play for.

Julien "L1VeYRdrEamS" Perouse carried the maple leaf onto the final table, and made it as far as fourth place for a combined prize of more than $52,000. The winner, for well over $150,000, was Malta's "NationalPPP".

Sunday Majors on partypoker

KO Series #51-H

There was $200,000 guaranteed up top for the $215 KO Series #51-H. When the dust cleared on registration, 1,179 entries brought the actual pool to $242,874.

A single Canadian made the final table as "Uhtredsan" took down third place for a combined prize of more than $16,000. The winner was "u3MeHa" from the Ukraine for a nice combined score of more than $30,000.

KO Series #51-M

The Medium version of event #51 cost just $55 to enter, but guaranteed $100,000 in prizes. With 2,569 entries, they ended up playing for $134,872.50.

Canada found the third place spot in this one as "Kanye2020" won more than $6,600 for their efforts. The last player sitting was Russian "Vadimedv" for a total prize of more than $13,000.

KO Series #52-H

There was $500,000 guaranteed in the middle for the $215 KO Series #52-H. The turnstiles counted 2,514 entries, putting a total of $517,884 into the middle.

Once again, Canada found the third place spot in this one as "Jinkpen" pocketed nearly $25,000. It was the UK's "runrunrunrun" who collected all the chips along with the top prize of more than $55,000.

KO Series #53-HR: Championship Event

The high roller for event #53 promised players at least $1,000,000 in the prize pool for the cost of $2,100. After 529 coins were dropped into the slot, the actual prizes topped out at $1,084,450.

Canadian "good player" managed to bag fourth place in this one for a very nice combined score of more than $55,000. Latvian "rudiga1" was the top dog in this one for combined take-home pay of more than $175,000.

That’s our report of Canadian results in this week’s Sunday majors. If you don’t already have an account on each of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the best promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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