The Canadian Sunday Briefing: Top Sunday for Perouse and Staples

The Canadian Sunday Briefing: Top Sunday for Perouse and Staples 0001

Every Sunday, millions of dollars are paid out to poker players around the world when sites like 888poker, PokerStars, and partypoker host the week’s biggest and best online tournaments. Each week, we take a look at how players from Canada fared in the Sunday majors.

This Sunday, May 12, 2019, two Canadians shared top honour. Julien "L1VeYRdrEamS" Perouse won a Platinum Pass last year, and added to his good fortune this week with more than $175,000 for winning SCOOP-04-H: Sunday High Roller SE. Honourable mention this week goes to Matthew "mattstaples" Staples, who capped off an epic run from his start grinding microstakes as the personal assistant for his brother Jaime, to third place in the Sunday Million this week for nearly $100,000. Here’s the full report on major Canadian results from this Sunday:

Sunday Majors on 888poker

The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep

The usual premier Sunday tournament on 888poker boasts a guarantee of $100,000 for a $215 buy-in. This week saw 285 entries with 103 rebuys creating a total prize pool of $100,000.

This week two Canadians made it all the way to the final table. Canadian “lintonlin” managed to get fourth place, worth $8,500, but “guydeet39” won all the chips, and added $20,450 to their bankroll.

Sunday Majors on PokerStars


This Sunday, the action kicked off early on PokerStars with SCOOP-02-H, a $530 entry with $500,000 guaranteed up top. This week, 1,122 entries built a total pool that was $561,000 deep.

One Canadian found their way to the final nine, as Ontario's "newguy89" made it to third place for a score of $47,177.35. The winner of this one was Greek player "zaxman13" for a nice score of $89,493.26.

SCOOP-03-H: Sunday Warm-Up SE

SCOOP-03-H: Sunday Warm-Up SE cost $1,050 to enter, and put $600,000 guaranteed into the kitty. When the dust cleared on registration, 1,025 entries brought the prize pool to an astonishing $1,025,000.

The only Canadian flag among the final nine belonged to "thx4urm0n3y" who notched a third place finish for a combined win of nearly $66,000. The winner of it all was Miroslav "mican_ludi" Opojevlic from Serbia and they counted out more than $160,000 in combined prizes.

SCOOP-04-L: Mini Sunday Million SE

The Mini Sunday Million was one of many tournaments that got a boost from SCOOP this week. As usual, it was just $22 to enter, but this week, there was $300,000 guaranteed up top. When 17,603 entries clicked through the turnstiles, they ended up playing for $352,060.

Two maple leafs were spotted at the final table, with "newsworthy1" collecting seventh place money worth $4,928.91. "KingArsh" took the maple leaf all the way to heads-up play before they cut a deal for second place money worth $28,030.70 while Chinese player "Thammuz" booked the win and $36,333.19.

SCOOP-04-M: Sunday Million SE

The Sunday Million ran this week as SCOOP-04-M: Sunday Million SE with a buy-in of $215 and the usual cool million guaranteed up top. A total of 6,632 entries meant they actually played for $1,326,400.

One Canadian made a deep run in this one as Matthew "MattStaples" Staples managed a third place finish and pocketed $92,812.18 for his efforts. Russia's "BillFray" was the winner for $175,632.72 after a heads-up deal.

SCOOP-04-H: Sunday High Roller SE

The "SCOOPified" Sunday High Roller put a $1,000,000 guarantee up top for the nosebleed price of $2,100. A total of 573 entries managed to scrape up the buy-in, putting the total prizes at $1,146,000.

The only Canadian at the final table made a pretty good show of it. Platinum Pass winner Julien "L1VeYRdrEamS" Perouse took the top prize in a three-way chop at the end, pocketing $177,085.12 for the win.

SCOOP-05-H: PLO 6-Max

With $500,000 guaranteed up top, SCOOP-05-H: PLO 6-Max offered high stakes six-max PLO action for $2,100. A total of 308 players jumped into the fray, making a total prize pool of $616,000.

Two maple leafs were spotted on this final table. Philippe ''takechip'' D'Auteuil was the first player to exit the final table for a sixth place score of $23,614.85 while Patrick "prepstyle71" Serda went one better with fifth place and a bankroll boost of $32,434.12. The biggest prize went to "justnl2" from Cyprus worth $115,417.23 for the win.

SCOOP-06-M: Big Antes

SCOOP-06-M: Big Antes put $250,000 guaranteed into the middle for $109 ante-only action. Total entries capped out at 2,795, putting the prize pool at $279,500.

The only maple leaf in the final few players belonged to US poker refugee Joe "Dyzalot" Morneau, who managed a third place finish for $20,756.81. The winner of it all was Brazilian "nophilings" for a cool score of $40,850.43.

High Roller Club: Sunday 500

With a buy-in of $530, the High Roller Club: Sunday 500 guarantees $135,000. A total of 315 entries beat the guarantee, coming in at $157,500 to play for.

Just one Canadian made the final nine in this one, but "4rebmun" went all the way to collect all the chips and the biggest prize of $29,629.96.

High Roller Club: Sunday Cooldown

The High Roller Club: Sunday Cooldown gets cool with $200,000 guaranteed for this $2,100 buy-in eight-max turbo progressive KO. With 151 entries, the prize pool actually hit $302,000.

The only Canadian in the final eight was a familiar name to Canadian poker fans. Kristen "krissyb24" Bicknell captured fourth place money worth a combined total of more than $18,000. The win went to Steve "Mr. Tim Caum" O'Dwyer of Ireland for more than $80,000.

Sunday Majors on partypoker

Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter

Deep-run action for Canadians got underway on partypoker this Sunday with the Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter. For $530, players got a shot at $150,000 in guaranteed prizes for this bounty format. When the counters stopped at 314 entries, they ended up playing for $160,925.

Canada managed to find a seat in the final eight here as "seotaiji86" grabbed fifth place for just under $9,000 in combined prizes. All the chips, along with more than $28,000 in prizes, went to Austrian "Chelsea72".

Sunday High Roller Deepstack

Players with deep pockets looking for a deep chip stack jumped into the Sunday High Roller Deepstack, a $1,050 buy-in that put $200,000 guaranteed up top. It turned out that 201 entries dug out the loose change, building an actual prize pool of $201,000.

Three maple leafs showed up in the final eight here. Saskatchewan's "jknack19" found sixth place money worth $8,442, while "BEEN_FACTORY" went one better with fifth and a score of $11,055. The top Canuck in this one was Christopher “Ad_Finem” Kruk who took third place and a prize of $21,205.50. Playing from Finland, Russell "rdcrsnn" Carson took down the big prize of $40,983.90.

Sunday Deepstack

For $215, players in the Sunday Deepstack got 100,000 chips to start and played for a guaranteed prize pool of $125,000. When a total of 605 entries clicked through the turnstiles, they were just shy of the guarantee.

Canadian "RingelStink" made it as far as third place, pocketing $11,112.50. Top dog in this one was Danish player "mwallem" for a score of $23,025.

Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter

For $530, entries to the Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter were guaranteed at least $200,000 to play for. A total of 414 players got seat assignments, bringing the actual pool to $212,175.

Third place in this one went to Canadian "KryptoKing420" for a combined win of more than $13,000 while the win worth almost $37,000 total, went to Russian player "CrazyLissy".

KO Series #03-HR: Championship Event

There was a guarantee of $1,000,000 up top for the $2,100 KO Series #03-HR: Championship Event. A total of 415 entries found enough in their couch cushions for buy-in, but that wasn't quite enough to meet the guarantee, so they played for $1,000,000.

A Canadian ended up in third place of this one, as "WGretzky_9999" pocketed about $58,000. The player who hoisted the trophy was Brazilian Kelvin "Thorfie" Kerber for more than $185,000.

That’s our report of Canadian results in this week’s Sunday majors. If you don’t already have an account on each of these sites, make sure you download through our links and use our bonus codes to take advantage of the best promotions you can find. Good luck; see you in next week’s headlines!

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