Twenty-Eight Players Win PNPC tickets

PNPC Trophies

After about six and half hours of play, the satellite is now in the books with 27 players booking tickets to the Main Event plus the $600 NLHE, for a total package worth $1,700, while the 28th place player booked a ticket to the Main Event worth $1,100 plus $90.

A total of 277 entries tried their hand at the prizes, and 1 player in 10 was going to win tickets to future events. Action went very quickly for the first few levels after registration closed, with the field falling from 199 down to just 40 left in a few hours. As play got closer to the money bubble though, play slowed down quite a bit, and it took several levels to finally burst the bubble.

Play went hand for hand with 30 players left, and things slowed down even more. There was a deal to pay the 29th place player, but even that didn't speed things up much. Eventually though, they finally made it down to the full prizes.

Here is the full payout list:

1Codey Chief$1,700.00
2Anthony Joubert$1,700.00
3Romoe D'Angiolo$1,700.00
4Rory Springman$1,700.00
5Anthony Imperial$1,700.00
6Elaine Sutherland$1,700.00
7Brett Multan$1,700.00
8Kyle Hartree$1,700.00
9Nick Luhowy$1,700.00
10Chris Wallmuth$1,700.00
11Thoi Cung$1,700.00
12Brad Gross$1,700.00
13Khai Nguyen$1,700.00
14Paul Esposti$1,700.00
15Henry Menard$1,700.00
16Jason Wilson$1,700.00
17Joseph Taruc$1,700.00
18Jeremy Plett$1,700.00
19Larry Hardy$1,700.00
20Jiwan Emre$1,700.00
21Igor Grinevsky$1,700.00
22Ernie Ritchie$1,700.00
23Andrew de la Salle$1,700.00
24CJ Mauroudis$1,700.00
25Evelyn Masesar$1,700.00
26Chris Lahoda$1,700.00
27Carl Pottinger$1,700.00
28Rodrigo Silva$1,190.00

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