2019 Harvest Poker Classic: Ranalli Reaps Benefit of Massive Turnout With Main Event Victory

2019 Harvest Poker Classic

The 2019 Harvest Poker Classic has wrapped up this past weekend, with five events across five days, taking place from November 5-9 from inside the beautiful show lounge at Casino Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The first event was the $300 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout Turbo Satellite. The event took place on November 5 and saw 197 entries to create a total prize pool of $53,190. Casino Regina tournament regular Kris Klimosko was the first player eliminated once the money bubble bursted, collecting $678 for a 20th place finish.

Senad Selimanovic and Paul Weenusk managed to get to heads up play, with hometowner Selimanovic getting the better of Manitoban native Weenusk in heads up play to collect the $14,155 first place prize money. Weenusk pocketed $8,991 for the runner up finish.

Here's is how the final table payouts played out:

1Senad Selimanovic$14,155
2Paul Weenusk$8,911
3Ben Clark$6,030
4Brian Westuik$4,253
5Paul Dietz$3,143
6Ryan Kuntz$2,422
7Curtis Krushelinkski$1,939
8Walter Skiehar$1,605
9Donald Buttinger$1,368
10Murray Hicks$1,195

The second event on the registrar was the $500 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out. This event saw a massive turnout with 267 entries to create a prize pool of $120,150. This tournament saw 27 players make the money and the final tablists were guaranteed over $2,000 with the winner set to collect $31,572.

Paul Weenusk saw his second consecutive final table of the tournament series and almost made it to heads up play, but eventually bowed out in third place for $13,224, setting up a heads up battle between tournament regular Chris Bowers and Deven Lane. Chris Bowers was not going to be undone in this tournament though, going the distance and winning the first place prize of $31,572, while Lane settled for second place and $19,912.

Here is how the final table payouts went for the $500 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out:

1Chris Bowers$31,572
2Deven Lane$19,912
3Paul Weenusk$13,224
4Sol Bergen$9,210
5Michael Bernstein$6,701
6Scott Mosiac$5,074
7Darrel Daschuk$3,983
8Aaron Buttinger$2,693
9Julius Roque$2,693
10David Templeton$2,303

The third event raised the stakes even more with the $700 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out. The players continued to come out, with 244 entries recorded, putting the total prize pool at $153,720.

Aaron Buttinger recorded his second cash of the series, finishing in 12th place for $2,412. Event #1 winner, Senad Selimanovic recorded his second final table, finishing in eighth place for $4,247. Casino Regina tournament series regular and 2013 Station Poker Classic Main Event Champion, Kyle Irvine managed a fifth place finish for $8,690.

In the end, the tournament came down to Victoria BC native, Dominick French and Manitoban Jordan Anseeuw. Anseeuw got the better of French in heads up play though, collecting $40,509 for first place while French saw $25,592 slide into his pockets for the second place finish.

Here is how the final table payouts went for the $700 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out:

1Jordan Anseeuw$40,509
2Dominick French$25,592
3Scott Moskal$17,034
4Brain Gabrielle$11,900
5Kyle Irvine$8,690
6Jim Conlin$6,608
7Bob Mullen$5,212
8Senad Selimanovic$4,247
9Justin Babiy$3,561
10Chad Zipchain$3,063

The fourth event of the series turned its head to the $900 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out Bounty. While $800 went to the prize pool, a player received $100 for ever player they knocked out of the tournament. The tournament saw an astounding 261 entries, to create a total prize pool of $187,920 along with $26,100 in bounties up for grabs.

Chris Bowers set himself on a second tournament victory but bowed out short of the final table in 13th place, collecting $2,542.

The tournament came down to two Saskatchewan natives with Cory Popoff of Saskatoon, SK and Darcy Tupper of Meadow Lake, SK being the remaining two players in the tournament. In the end, Popoff got the better of Tupper to collect $49,380 for the victory, while Tupper received $31,144 for second place.

Here is how the final table payouts came out for $900 No Limit Hold'Em Freeze Out Bounty event:

1Cory Popoff$49,380
2Darcy Tupper$31,144
3Curtis Krushelniski$20,682
4Douglas Maier$14,405
5Kelly Kellner$10,481
6Francis Fan$7,936
7Jaspal Brar$6,229
8Sheldon Kent$5,050
9Cindy Kerslake$4,212
10David Gin$3,602

The final event of the Harvest Poker Classic was the $1,100 Main Event. This event saw a staggering 311 entries, creating a $311,000 prize pool.

The tournament saw 32 players make the money and among the first set of payouts, tournament pro Eric Wasylenko fell out of the running for the tournament title, taking home $2,041 for a min cash and a 30th place finish.

Chris Bowers found another cash, with a 20th place finish and a $2,559 pay day.

The final table was set when Chap Zipchain exited in 11th place for $4,834.

PokerNews Canada tournament reporter Tyler Warken managed a final table but eventually found the exit after a ninth place finish for $6,592.

Curtis Krushelniski made his third final table appearance in five tournaments, finishing in fifth place for $16,968.

In the end the 2019 Harvest Poker Classic Main Event would come down to Henry Menard of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Joseph Ranalli of Regina, Saskatchewan. There would be a hometown hero in this tournament as Ranalli went the distance and collected the $81,346 first place prize, eliminating Menard for the title and his name on the Harvest Poker Classic banner. Menard received $51,164 for the second place finish.

Here is how the final table payouts played out:

1Joseph Ranalli$81,346
2Henry Menard$51,164
3Matthew Carpenter$33,850
4Jonathan Boyer$23,462
5Curtis Krushelniski$16,968
6Dennis Rodriguez$12,757
7Ryan Kuntz$9,931
8Brad Heidt$7,979
9Tyler Warken$6,592
10Anthony Pinette$5,584

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