Best Ways to Qualify for $1M Gtd. MicroMillions Main Event on PokerStars

PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event

The 16th edition of the MicroMillions series is in full swing at PokerStars and some of the prizes awarded are extraordinary compared to the tournaments’ tiny buy-ins. Matters are about to get even crazier when the MicroMillions Main Event shuffles up and deals on November 24th.

A massive $1,000,000 is guaranteed to be won in the MicroMillions Main Event despite the tournament only costing $22 to enter. While $22 is at the more affordable end of the buy-in scale, PokerStars is making it super easy for its players to get involved in the MicroMillions Main Event by running a plethora of satellites, poker-related challenges, Spin & Go tournaments, and Second Chance Shootouts.

Turn $0.35 Into a MicroMillions Tickets or $3,500 Cash

Spin & Go tournaments are immensely popular at PokerStars as they give players the chance to turn a small buy-in into a massive prize. PokerStars has created a MicroMillions edition of its Spin & Go games that only cost $0.35 to enter yet can pay out up to $3,500 in cold, hard cash.

These special Spin & Go tournaments will disappear from the lobby on November 24th so you do not have long to play them and hopefully bag yourself a big prize. Those prizes range from $0.70 cash, MicroMillions tickets worth from $1.10 to $5.50, a $22 MicroMillions Main Event seat and $3,500 cash!

PrizeFrequency in 1 Million Games
$3,500 cash (plus $350 to each runner-up)1
$22 MicroMillions Main Event entry1,503
$5.50 MicroMillions ticket9,000
$3.30 MicroMillions ticket28,500
$1.10 MicroMillions ticket266,217
$0.70 cash694,779

Complete Challenges for MicroMillions Main Event Freeroll Entries

Head to the Challenges section of your PokerStars account and you’ll see a pair of MicroMillions challenges waiting for you to complete. Once both are completed, you will receive a ticket to a special MicroMillions Freeroll on November 18th that has more than $10,000 worth of prizes, including a staggering 225x $22 MicroMillions Main Event entries.

You need to play in at least 10 MicroMillions tournaments of your choice and a least one $4.40 MicroMillions Phase 1 event, which has $500,000 guaranteed, before 11:59 ET on November 17th, to receive your MicroMillions Freeroll ticket.

$14,000 in Tickets Available via Second Chance Shootouts

Perhaps the best value MicroMillions promotion are the Second Chance Shootouts that have $14,000 in extra tickets up for grabs. Any time you bust from a MicroMillions event without making it into the money in events starting November 17-23, you receive an entry to an All-in Shootout the following day at 10:00 a.m. ET. These run daily from November 18-24 and each has $2,000 worth of tickets to MicroMillions events.

Tickets are awarded to KO event players if they do not reach the money from the regular prize pool

Sit & Go and MTT Satellites

Those of you who prefer traditional satellites will be delighted to learn there are plenty feeding into the $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions Main Event.

Six-player Sit & Go tournaments costing $7.50 pay out two MicroMillions Main Events tickets, which is the same number of tickets awarded in the $2.85 buy-in 16-player Sit & Go satellites.

You can also enter dozens of freeroll tournaments running around the clock, or get involved in $1.10 and $3.30 buy-in satellites that award between one and 25 MicroMillions Main Event seats.

Grab a $600 Welcome Bonus Today

You need, of course, a PokerStars account to play in the $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions Main Event. If you have one already, we wish you the best of luck in qualifying for this massive tournament. Those of you reading this without a PokerStars account can download PokerStars via PokerNews, enter the marketing code “PNEWS” when creating your account and when you make your first deposit, PokerStars matches it 100% up to $600. Good luck!

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