partypoker MILLION Relaunch Ends in Cancellation

partypoker MILLION

The relaunch of the partypoker MILLION ended in disappointment after a glitch resulted in the $1 million guaranteed tournament being canceled.

Everything appeared to be going according to plan, with the exception of a significant overlay, when disaster struck. According to tweets sent by partypoker after the cancellation of the event, an error prevented the players who progressed from Day 1D being loaded into the final day. That final day started without the Day 1D players in the field.

partypoker send out a series of four tweets announcing a resolution that seems more than fair for the affected players.

The same glitch prevented partypoker from pausing the tournament, and it continued to run for approximately one hour before finally being paused. By this time, the money bubble had burst, and almost $200,000 paid out to those in-the-money players.

partypoker’s management team made the decision to cancel the tournament, much to the dismay of the tournament’s players.

Shortly after the tournament’s cancellation, partypoker sent out a series of four tweets announcing a resolution that seems more than fair for the affected players.

Firstly, everyone who reached the final day and cashed gets to keep the money they won. Furthermore, those players who still had chips when the tournament was canceled will receive the next available pay rank. This prize money is being paid out in addition to the $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

All players who progressed from the four Day 1s will receive a share of the $1 million prize pool. Fifty percent is being split equally among all those players, with the remaining 50 percent being awarded based on chip equity.

Finally, all the players who made it through to the final day are being given a $215 partypoker MILLION ticket. The overall cost to partypoker, according to Rob Yong, is in the region of $600,000.

It wasn’t only the MILLION that suffered a fault as the $2.20 Micro tournament, a $20,000 guaranteed event, was canceled under similar circumstances although it didn’t reach the money places. Players from the Day 1H will receive their entry fee back, plus the prize money collected will be awarded as in the MILLION.

The overall mood among partypoker’s Twitter followers is that they are happy with the resolution and praised partypoker and Rob Yong, who had posted an apologetic video on Twitter, for the refund policy.

partypoker is running the MILLION tournament again this week. Day 1A took place on November 3rd and saw 638 players enter, down on the 1,081 who bought into Day 1A last week. Day 1B and Day 1C take place at 9:00 p.m. CET on November 5th and 7th, with Day 1D shuffling up at 4:00 p.m. CET on November 10th. The final day starts at 8:00 p.m. CET on November 10t.

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