Playground to host WPTDeepStacks Montreal this April

Playground to host WPTDeepStacks Montreal

Since winning the Mid-Major Circuit of the year at the fourth annual American Poker Awards in 2018, the WPTDeepStacks has been steadily building its name as a top-flight global circuit. 

The WPTDeepStacks has a rich history at Playground, with successful tournaments on record as part of other WPT events, which has set the stage for a new festival this April: the WPTDeepStacks Montreal. That’s right! This popular tournament has grown into a nine-event series that will take over the Playground complex from April 16 to April 27.  

Whether you arrive from near or far, the WPTDeepStacks will be well worth the trip. Featuring over $1,900,000 in total prize pool guarantees through a mix of single- and multi-day events, the WPTDeepStacks will entice players of all kinds.

Martin Gaudreault-Remillard Wins WPTDS Montreal

This series will start off with a bang, thanks to the $500 + $50 WPTDeepStacks Opener. Providing seven starting flights, an unlimited re-entry format and a prize pool guarantee of $500,000, this event is perfect to either warm up for the main event or make a breakthrough score. Between the modest buy-in and huge prize pool guarantee, the WPTDeepStacks Opener is sure to attract a wide variety of players. 

The second multi-day tournament of the series is one of Playground’s own, the $200 + $20 Playground 200. This perennially popular tournament consistently crushes its $100,000 guarantee so expect no less than that!

The $1,500 + $150 WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event will raise the stakes and ramp up the excitement, starting on Wednesday, April 22. The Main Event will have four live starting flights (and online starting flight on partypoker on April 12), a single re-entry format, and, most importantly, a $1,000,000 prize pool guarantee! Thanks to a series of seven satellites, at least 70 players will qualify for the Main Event for only $150 + $15, but it’s a safe bet that these satellites will allow many more players to play their way in. 

Satellites Now Available on partypoker

For players looking for even higher stakes, the $2,300 + $200 WPTDeepStacks High Roller has what you’re looking for. Providing an awesome structure, a single re-entry format and a prize pool guarantee of $200,000, it has everything a player could ask for in a premium tournament. 

The late stages of the series have several exciting, single-day events with a variety of formats. Ranging from a 50/50 Bounty to Pot Limit Omaha to 6-Max and 8-Max, these events have a little something for everyone. To see the complete event schedule, click here. 

Make Playground your destination this April, the WPTDeepStacks Montreal awaits!

WPTDeepStacks Montreal Full Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-inChipsLevelsLate RegistrationRe-entryGuarantee
April 12th18:00WPT DeepStacks Main Event Online Day 1$1,6503000016End Level 9One per flight$1,000,000
April 16th11:00NL Hold'em Freezeout$3302500030End Level 6Freezeout$25,000
 16:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1a$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
April 17th11:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1b$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
 16:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1c$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
 21:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1d Turbo$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
April 18th11:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1e$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
 16:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1f$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
 21:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 1g Turbo$5503000030End Level 8Unlimited$500,000
April 19th11:00Playground 200 Day 1a$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
 13:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Day 2  40  $500,000
 19:00Playground 200 Day 1b$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
April 20th11:00Playground 200 Day 1c$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
 18:00WPTDeepStacks Opener Final Day  40  $500,000
 19:00Playground 200 Day 1d$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
April 21st12:00Playground 200 Day 1e Turbo$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
 18:00Playground 200 Final Day$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$100,000
April 22nd11:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Day 1a$1,6503000040End Level 9One per flight$1,000,000
April 23rd11:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Day 1b$1,6503000040End Level 9One per flight$1,000,000
April 24th11:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Day 1c$1,6503000040End Level 9One per flight$1,000,000
 19:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Day 1d Fast Chance$1,6503000040End Level 9One per flight$1,000,000
April 25th12:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Day 2     $1,000,000
 15:00WPTDeepStacks High Roller Day 1$2,50010000045Start Day 2One per flight$200,000
April 26th11:00NL Hold'em Bounty 50/50$2202500030End Level 6Unlimited$25,000
 12:00WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main Event Final Day  60  $1,000,000
 13:00WPTDeepStacks High Roller Day 2$2,50010000045Start Day 2One per flight$200,000
 19:00Pot Limit Omaha$3303000020End Level 6Unlimited$15,000
April 27th11:00NL Hold'em 6-Max$3302500030End Level 6Single re-entry$25,000
 13:00WPTDeepStacks High Roller Final Day  45  $200,000
 19:00NL Hold'em 8-Max$2202500020End Level 6Unlimited$25,000

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