Does Money Grow on Trees? Maybe at partypoker!

Does Money Grow on Trees? Maybe at partypoker! 0001

Does money grow on trees? While we would all love for this to be true, we can offer you the next best thing by giving you a chance to grab free money off the partypoker tree every day until March 15th in the PokerNews Daily Freerolls!!

Although we can't promise that you will get rich every single night in these exclusive freerolls, we can still give you a daily chance at some extra spending money. Each freeroll has a $100 prize pool, which can not only provide you a free night around town, but can also help you improve your poker skills without risking a penny of your own money.

Free money sounds great - How do I get involved?

Getting involved in these freerolls is easier than you think. In fact, if you already have opened a partypoker account through us and you have made at least one real money deposit on your account, you are already eligible to play.

If this describes you, just go ahead and register every day in these fun tournaments listed in the partypoker lobby as PokerNews Daily Freerolls.

If you like free money and do not have a partypoker account, just open a free partypoker account through PokerNews Canada and make your first deposit. It is that simple!

What makes these freerolls so special?

If you are like most players, you have experienced freerolls in the past that have had thousands of players competing for small prizes. While the prizes here are not going to make you rich overnight, we do promise that the field sizes of our tournaments on partypoker will be much smaller than usual since these are only open to players signing up to the room through us.

With smaller field sizes you have an excellent chance at getting something for nothing. Entertainment is not usually free, but in these freerolls not only can you have fun playing no limit hold'em, but you have an excellent chance at padding your bankroll or treating yourself to something special if you cash.

These freerolls will only be around for another month, so hurry up and get involved? Why let someone else be rewarded with free money when it can be in your pockets? Sign up to partypoker through PokerNews today!

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