TonyBet Poker €1,000 Bike Ride: Time to Celebrate All The Winners!

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Believe it or not, it is once again all about "forestaar", the player who has been literally rocking TonyBet Poker’s €1,000 Bike Ride promo since the very first minutes of the competition.

After getting a humble 9th position on the first week’s leaderboard, "forestaar" climbed his way to the top closing as the undisputed champion all the three subsequent weeks - proving to have both a great love for open-face Chinese poker and very good skills.

To win this week’s €30 first prize, "forestaar" got engaged in 62 different tournaments and earned a total of 314.775 points, showing an improved average compared to the last week – when he collected 'only' 131.3 points after 43 tournaments.

The second place of Tony’s €1,000 Bike Ride last weekly leaderboard went to the player "helmsdeep", who brought home the €20 prize thanks to 276.499 points collected in 51 tournaments.

Just a handful of points behind him, "LICO01" tried his best to get one of the top spots on the leaderboard playing 48 tournaments for a total of 260,013 points. For him, the pleasure of getting home the €12 third prize together with a figurative bronze medal.

As TonyBet Poker promo €1,000 Bike Ride did not reward only those who made it to the leaderboard’s podium, here’s the full list of all the 18 players who won a prize this week.

Pos.NicknamePointsTournaments playedPrize
1forestaar314.77562€ 30
2helmsdeep276.49951€ 20
3LICO01260.01348€ 12
4LowVoltage00254.396113€ 8
5whale13168.30587€ 6.50
6derxia143.79281€ 5
7Cachazo95.66465€ 3.50
8diego90.89562€ 2.70
9R0ckIT90.37537€ 1.70
10zabakus79.59749€ 1.40
11lauri68.0144€ 1.40
12GenghisKhan40.53421€ 1.40
13darksidesun38.58142€ 1.40
14Montedonio35.31421€ 1
15buddhazen32.4231€ 1
16Xoolol27.87430€ 1
17fantasyador26.61214€ 1
183x1t22.78722€ 1

"forestaar" Dominates the Monthly Leaderboard

As one would easily guess, the great results gathered week after week allowed "forestaar" to climb right to the top spot of TonyBet’s promo €1,000 Bike Ride monthly leaderboard, giving the player many reasons to celebrate his achievement.

With a total of 141 tournaments played and a total of 579.64 points, "forestaar" closed as winner of TonyBet’s first ever OFC poker promo, bringing down the top €180 first prize put by the room.

As all players have shown great consistency during the promo, it is not surprising that also the other two positions of the monthly leaderboard’s virtual podium look very similar to the ones we have seen having a look at the weekly’s one.

The runner up title of the competition goes to "LICO01", who can rejoice for winning the €120 second prize after having earned 477.28 points in 144 tournaments. Third, once again, is player "LowVoltage00" – with 474.93 points worth €71.4 earned after playing 292 tournaments.

As the full numbers of the conclusive monthly leaderboard are out, a special mention goes also to player "helmsdep", who managed to climb up to the 4th place putting together 331.91 points after only 62 tournaments.

The promo involved a total of 602 participants who battled their way to the leadership and the €180 tasty top prizes bringing an incredible action on TonyBet's poker tables. With the weekly prizes meeting the monthly's one, this last €1,000 Bike Ride week has seen some very great OFC poker, with a real fight between players to secure the leaderboard's top spots lasted until the very last seconds of the promotion.

For a full list of all the 18 players who got a chance to split the €600 prize pool, have a look at the full results below.

Pos.NicknamePointsTournaments playedPrize

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With today’s results we close the adventure of TonyBet Poker first ever open-face Chinese poker promo €1,000 Bike Ride, an initiative that kept players glued at the tables to play their way to the top prizes made available by the room.

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