The 'Million Dollar Money Grab' is on at 888poker

Million Dollar Money Grab 888poker

Who's up for becoming a millionaire? Everyone interested in changing their lifestyle and their income bracket for life, and testing their online poker tournament skills to get there, keep reading! There's a "Million Dollar Money Grab" going on at 888poker and you are invited!

Start by Playing $2,000 Money Grab Free Tournaments

The first step in your journey to becoming the first player at 888poker to claim a $1,000,000 prize begins with collecting GOLD CHIPS. Collect GOLD CHIPS by finishing in the top 100 of the $2,000 Money Grab Free Tournaments. You must finish in the top 100 of each consecutive tournament you play in in order to add to your GOLD CHIP count. You don't have to play the tournaments in order, you simply have to finish in the top 100 of each one you play in consecutively, or you'll have to start over.

Don't despair if you miss the top 100 on one of the tournaments. You will be rewarded with amazing prizes when you collect GOLD CHIPS and those are yours to keep, even if you have to start anew.

GOLD CHIP countPrize
2 CHIPS$2,000 Money Grab Free Tournament ticket
3 CHIPS$10
4 CHIPS$50
5 CHIPS$200
6 CHIPS$1,000
7 CHIPS$3,000
8 CHIPS$10,000
9 CHIPS$100,000
10 CHIPS$1,000,000

Play your best game and if you are the first player to collect 10 GOLD CHIPS in a row, you'll win a cool $1,000,000! Each $2,000 Money Grab Free Tournament that finds you placing in the top 100 awards you with one GOLD CHIP — take first place and you win two GOLD CHIPS! If you miss the top 100 on the fourth or fifth or sixth, etc., collect your prize from 888poker and get ready to jump in the next one offered. After all, there's a cool $1,000,000 waiting on the table!

Earning $2,000 Money Grab Free Tournament Tickets

You need as many $2,000 Money Grab Free Tournament tickets as you can get to stay in the competition. Here are few of the ways to collect the tickets.

Make sure you register through PokerNews Canada to get the best deposit bonus offers and receive your free tickets. Signing up through our link entitles you to receive a free $88 + 100% up to $888. Click here for more details.

You are included in the opportunity to win $1,000,000 in 888poker's Million Dollar Money Grab if you are already a registered player. Check your email to claim your tickets and accept them through the dedicated promotional popups in the poker lobby.

Another opportunity to gain additional tickets is by playing the Daily Poker Missions at 888poker and the GOLD CHIP Spin Game — play every day during the promotion and put the tickets you earn to good use in your quest to become an 888poker millionaire!

Check the following for more ways to get Free tournament tickets:

The 'Million Dollar Money Grab' is on at 888poker 101

888poker's Money Grab video

The time to start your quest to become a millionaire is now! The place to become one is at the fastest growing online poker brand in the 888poker!

You'll find more information on 888poker in our, in depth review.

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