Complete Unibet Poker's July Mission for Fun and Profit

Unibet Poker July Mission

Completing a schedule of tasks can be A) Boring; B) Exhausting; C) Tedious; D) Insanely fun and profitable. If you're ready to accept Unibet Poker's July Mission, you can pick D. For all the other choices, prepare coffee and plod forward.

Of course, we know you chose D, so read on and we’ll tell you about it!

Unibet? Really?

If you don't have a Unibet Poker account, get it here! Pick up a massive €500 welcome bonus on your first deposit when you register using our link. Now that you've got your new Unibet Poker account, let's proceed to D!

There are multiple steps involved in completing your July Mission — check the mission icon at the top of the poker lobby to follow your progress — and real money prizes are waiting for you after you complete each step.

Step 1 - €4 PL4 PLO Ticket

1a Play Tournaments Play any multi-table Tournament that has a €1 buy-in or higher for three days in a row  
1b Play PLO, then Play NLHE on a different day See ten flops at any PLO stake. Then see ten flops at any NLHE stake on a different day  
1c Play NLHE on a different day See 10 flops at any NLHE stake on a different day €4 PL4 PLO Ticket

Step 2 - €5 NL5 Banzai Ticket

2a Take part in Summer Bootcamp Earn two achievements in the Summer Bootcamp promotion  
2b Play Sit and Go Tournaments Complete a sit-and-go three days in a row €5 NL5 Banzai Ticket

Step 3 - €4 NL4, €10 NL10 and €25 NL25 Ticket

3a Visit Challenges Learn about Challenges by going to "View Profile", "Challenges"  
3b1 Complete a Major Challenge that earns at least 250 loyalty points Complete a Major Challenge that earns between 250 and 699 loyalty points €4 NL4 Hold'em Ticket
3b2 OR Complete a Major Challenge that earns at least 700 loyalty points Complete a Major Challenge that earns between 700 and 2,249 loyalty points €10 NL10 Hold'em Ticket
3b3 OR Complete a Major Challenge that earns at least 2,500 loyalty points Complete a Major Challenge that earns 2,500 loyalty points or more €25 NL25 Hold'em Ticket

Step 4 – €4 MTT ticket

4a Play Banzai cash games Reach three flops at any Banzai stake  
4b Double up in Banzai, then play Banzai again the next day Reach 20 big blinds (double the starting stack) in any Banzai cash game, then reach 5 flops at any Banzai stake the next day €4 MTT ticket

Here's where the insanely fun part plays a role in D:

  • You may not be familiar with Banzai, but you will be when you finish the July Mission.
  • And playing tournaments might not be one of your strengths in the great game of poker, so this is your perfect opportunity to jump in and start building your tournament game.
  • Or you might not feel comfortable with pot-limit Omaha, but by the time you finish the July Mission, you'll have a much better understanding of it and be ready to take on the pros ... maybe ... but just think of all the fun you're going to have while you're completing the Mission.

Here’s where the profitable part plays a role D: In each of the steps it takes to complete the July Mission you are going to receive a reward. Those rewards can become monumental bankroll builders when you take them to the tables and build them into big stacks of cash.

July is halfway over, so if you don’t start now, you’re going to miss out on the chance to have fun AND make a profit. Don’t get stuck with the other choices, you got this far with D so head for the July Mission at Unibet now!

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