Is It Better To Live One Day As a Lion Or 100 Years As a Lamb?

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When I was a kid and people asked me whether I wanted to live one day as a lion or 100 years as a lamb, I always told them that I was never given the luxury of that choice. "I can only choose a long and boring life," I always answered.

Being born with a family name that literally means 'lamb' in my native language, putting a lion's skin on would have been simply ridiculous.

What About You: Are You a Lion Or a Lamb?

Provided that we are not relatives and that your answer to that question is not written on your birth certificate, are you a lion or a lamb?

Do you go after a big hit, or do you prefer a reasonable long-term plan?

Whatever your answer to that question is, a new promotion launched by 888poker gives you the opportunity to understand if your ambitions are in line with your talents and skills or…well, they are not.

I Was Born To Be a Lion - Let Me Play For $10,000

If a day as a lion is what you are after, here's a challenge for you. Open a new account at 888poker through this link, deposit $10 or more with the promo code ALLIN10 and you will get one ticket to a $10,000 Action Hero Free Tournament.

The tournament is free and the guarantee is enormous but, mind you, you'll have to be ready to show how brave and good you are - because this is a tournament for lions, and everyone will fight hard to get a share of that premium guarantee.

I Would Like to Be a Lion, But $5,000 Are Good Too

You would love to play for $10,000 but - hey, if you only get one shot at it, the risk to leave the table empty-handed is way too high for you. It's not that you don't like to risk, is just that you consider value too.

If this sounds like you, we have a solution. Open an account at 888poker through this link and deposit $10 or more with the promo code RAISE10. By doing this, you will get a free $88 no deposit bonus + 2 tickets to the $5,000 Raise the Stakes Free Tournament.

Sure, it's not going to be easy to bring home the $5k - but with all the lions busy in the $10k event, you may have just found the best way to boost your poker bankroll with a lot of free money.

I Am a Lamb And I Don't Mind That. Give My Chances at $2,000

Why get 2 tickets when you can have 5? True, you may not get the chance to compete for mind-blowing prizes but - don't the 5 tickets automatically increase the possibility to turn a small deposit into something bigger? Isn't it obvious?

Open an account at 888poker through this link, deposit $10 or more with promo code CALL10 and you'll get 5 tickets to the $2,000 Smooth Call Free Tournament and a $88 free bonus for you to invest in your poker skill and slowly build up a solid and healthy bankroll.

Fancy a Recap?

Whether you are a lion, a lamb, or you are not sure about your personality, 888poker has got you covered - as long as you:

  • Open an account through PokerNews Canada
  • Make a deposit of $10 or more
  • Use the correct bonus code

Have a look at the table below, pick your choice, and get ready to discover if you know who you really are.

StyleTicketsTournamentMin. DepositBonus CodeLink
Lion1$10,000 Action Hero Free Tournament$10ALLIN10Go to 888poker
Reasonably in between2$5,000 Raise the Stakes Free Tournament$10RAISE10Go to 888poker
Lamb5$2,000 Smooth Call Free Tournament$10CALL10Go to 888poker

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