TigerGaming's Bad Beat Jackpot at $539,000 and Growing


The Bad Beat Jackpot at TigerGaming is currently at $539,000 and growing. Potentially winning a piece of it or even the lion's share of the jackpot is easier than you might think.

Not many networks run bad beat jackpots and it is hard to remember any that have grown this big.

In order to play for the jackpot, you must play at the bad beat tables with the letter "J" designating them. To win the jackpot, you must lose a hand with quad jacks or better. Both you and your opponent must also use both of your hole cards and there must be at least four players in the hand.

Winning a hand that triggered the jackpot will reward you half as much as the person that lost the hand. What's even better is that everyone that played in the hand at the table will receive at least something noteworthy.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is paid as follows:

  • 35 percent of the bonus goes to the player who suffered the bad beat
  • 17.5 percent goes to the winner of the hand, i.e. the player who caused the bad beat
  • 17.5 percent is split evenly among the rest of the table where the bad beat took place
  • 30 percent is used to seed the bonus for the next Bad Beat Jackpot

Based off where the jackpot is right now, the player to suffer the bad beat would be awarded almost $189,000. The winner of the hand would bank over $94,000 and the rest of the table would receive another $94,000. The remaining funds would be used to seed the bonus for the next jackpot.

The extra rake to fund the jackpot isn't a lot. The maximum is just $0.50 per hand for the table and it is contributed at $0.10 intervals for every $4 in the pot.

A helpful hint when playing these tables is that you may not want to play your hand super hard when you have quad jacks or better in hopes that the jackpot gets triggered. This is because you may want to give a chance for other players to catch up in their hands. Also, the hand must go to showdown for the jackpot to be contributed.

Need an Account?

The only place you can currently play for a huge bad beat jackpot currently worth around $539,000 is TigerGaming. The good news is that on top of being able to play for a huge jackpot, if you don't already have an account, follow the instructions below to be awarded one of the biggest welcome packages available including a huge deposit bonus up to $2,500 and two $5,000 First Depositor Freeroll tickets.

- Download TigerGaming and create your account.
- Deposit at least $50.
- Email [email protected] with the subject line "NEWTG."
- Sit back and wait for TigerGaming to credit your account with a bonus up to $2,500.

This massive bonus releases into your available account balance in blocks of $5 for every 1,500 comp points earned. These points are earned at a rate of 100 points per $1 paid in cash game rake or tournament fees and every cent you pay earns you a point. TigerGaming gives you 60 days to release the full bonus amount otherwise the uncleared bonus is forfeited.

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