Win a Share of €85,000 in the Everest Poker Cash Countdown Freerolls

Everest Poker

Everest Poker is giving away €85,000 this Spring via its mission-based Cash Countdown promotion but you need to hurry if you want to get your hands on some cash because the promotion draws to a close on June 4.

Cash Countdown started on May 1 and will see 40 freerolls take place up to and including June 4. There are 35 freerolls, each with a €1,000 prize pool, that run daily at 8 p.m. BST / 9 p.m. CET and then five massive €10,000 freerolls taking place every Sunday at 9 p.m. BST / 10 p.m. CET.

The only way to gain a ticket for any of these freerolls is by completing a cash game, multi-table tournament, or Twister mission each day. Finish one of the simple missions and Everest Poker will reward you with a ticket to the next available €1,000 daily freeroll.

Cash Countdown Daily Missions

DayCash MissionMTT MissionTwister Mission
MondayBe dealt a pocket pairPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Play 5 Twisters (€2 buy-in min)
TuesdayWin a hand at showdownPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Win 1 Twister (€5 buy-in min)
WednesdayWin 5 handsPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Play 2 Twisters (€5 buy-in min)
ThursdaySee 10 flopsPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Win 1 Twister (€5 buy-in min)
FridayPlay 25 handsPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Play 2 Twisters (€5 buy-in min)
SaturdayWin 2 hands in a rowPlay 1 MTT (€5 buy-in min)Win 2 Twisters (€2 buy-in min)
SundayWin with 3 of a kind or betterPlay 1 MTT (€10 buy-in min)Play 1 Twister (€10 buy-in min)

To qualify for a daily freeroll, you must:

  • Opt into the day’s mission by clicking on the missions badge in the Everest Poker software
  • Complete either a Cash, MTT, or Twister mission to win a maximum of one ticket per day
  • Once a mission is selected, it must be completed within two hours of you clicking “Start”
  • Ensure you are playing for blinds of at least €0.05/€0.10 if you choose the cash mission; heads up tables are excluded from the promotion

Of course, you’ll also want to play in the weekly €10,000 freerolls, too. Again, the only way to get involved in these freerolls is to complete missions. If you play in three of the daily €1,000 freerolls you will receive a ticket to one of the €10,000 weekly freerolls. Play in four daily €1,000 freerolls and you’ll win another weekly €10,000 ticket; you can earn a maximum of two €10,000 tickets per week.

One of the best things about the freerolls you can win your way into is they are “All-in Shootout” tournaments, which means you do not need to actually play in the freeroll. Instead, use your ticket to register and watch (if you want to that is) as everyone is set all in before the flop and see if you end up with a prize.

If you already have an Everest Poker account you can log into your account now and start today’s mission.

Those of you who want to play in the Cash Countdown promotion but don’t currently have an Everest Poker account can download the Everest Poker software via PokerNews, make a deposit of at least €20 and Everest Poker will match your first deposit 200 percent up to a maximum of €1,500.

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