No Deposit Required! Build a Free Bankroll in Shasta at Everest Poker

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If you are looking for ways to build up a bankroll absolutely for free, look no further than the Shasta Step tournaments at Everest Poker.

Getting involved couldn't be any easier. Simply sign up for Everest Poker through our links and you will be eligible to play four free Shasta Step 1 sit-and-go tournaments every hour for 90 days. This means you have almost 1,000 free chances at winning prizes during a three month period.

Shasta Step 1 tournaments are in turbo limit hold'em format. If you finish in the top two spots in this tournament you will be awarded a Shasta Step 2 ticket.

From there the format converts to no-limit hold'em for the remaining Shasta Step tournaments. The top two finishers in Shasta Step 2 will be awarded a Shasta Step 3 ticket. The payout pattern continues until you reach Shasta Step 6 where the top three players will be awarded a free tournament token valued at €10.

Shasta Step Tournament Payouts

LevelBuy-In1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Shasta Step 1FREEShasta Step 2Shasta Step 2-
Shasta Step 2€0.10Shasta Step 3Shasta Step 3-
Shasta Step 3€0.27Shasta Step 4Shasta Step 4-
Shasta Step 4€0.75Shasta Step 5Shasta Step 5-
Shasta Step 5€2.01Shasta Step 6Shasta Step 6-
Shasta Step 6€5.49€10 Token€10 Token€10 Token

Existing players can also play in Shasta Step tournament by paying the buy-in listed above of any Shasta Step 2 or higher tournament.

Need an Account?

If you don't already have an account at Everest Poker, why not? Not only will you immediately be able to take part Shasta Step tournaments for free but also have the opportunity to snag one of the best welcome packages available anywhere.

Simply download Everest Poker through PokerNews and you will be awarded a generous 200 percent bonus of up to €1,500 on your first deposit. While you don't need to deposit to play in Shasta Step tournaments, this deal could prove to be too good to pass up.

In addition to the bonus, Everest Poker will also give you €10 in free tournament tokens just for signing up and making a deposit. This represents tremendous value even on a small deposit. For example, if you deposit just €20 on your first deposit, you will be awarded an additional €50 in free value in the form of €10 in tournament tokens and a €40 bonus. Combined with the free Shasta Step tournaments, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else.

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