€50,000 to be Won During the Everest Poker Winter Challenge

Everest Poker

Head out of the cold and to Everest Poker where the action is heating up thanks to the €50,000 Winter Challenge taking place there.

The Winter Challenge revolves around completing simple daily missions, which award tickets to daily all-in freerolls, each with a €1,000 prize pool. By completing Mission #1 you unlock Mission #2 for the chance to win a second ticket. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning a prize.

This exciting promotion runs from Dec. 4-21 and you need to opt-in via the Everest Poker software. Once you’ve opted in, head to the Everest Poker lobby and complete that day’s Mission #1 and if you get the chance, Mission #2.

DateMission #1Mission #2Type
Sat 9 DecPlay an MTT (€5 minimum)Play an MTT (€10 minimum)MTT
Sun 10 DecWin 1 twister (€5 minimum)Play 2 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Mon 11 DecBe dealt 88 or 99Be dealt TT or JJCash
Tue 12 DecPlay 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Twister
Wed 13 DecPlay 50 hands on speed pokerWin with a straight or betterCash
Thu 14 DecWin 2 hands at showdownShowdown 88 or AACash
Fri 15 DecPlay 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 1 twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Sat 16 DecSee 10 flopsWin a hand with 72Cash
Sun 17 DecPlan an MTT (€5 minimum)Play the €10,000 Special OneMTT
Mon 18 DecWin with a straight or betterWin with a flush or betterCash
Tue 19 DecWin 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Play 5 Twsiter (€2 minimum)Twister
Wed 20 DecWin with a pocket pairWin with a full house or betterCash
Thu 21 DecPlay an MTT (€5 minimum)Play a ticket satelliteMTT
Fri 22 DecPlay 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€10 minimum)Twister
Sat 23 DecPlay 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Sun 24 DecPlay 10 handsWin 3 hands at showdownCash
Mon 25 DecPlay 1 Twister (€1 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Tue 26 DecPlay 5 Twister (€1 minimum)Win 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Twister
Wed 27 DecPlay 50 handsmake a flush or betterCash
Thu 28 DecBe dealt 33 or 44Be dealt 55 or 66Cash
Fri 29 DecWin 3 twister (€1 minimum)Win 5 Twister (€1 minimum)Twister
Sat 30 DecBe dealt KK or AABe dealt JJ or QQCash
Sun 31 DecPlay 2 Twister (€5 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister

All cash challenges must be completed on no-limit hold’em and 6+ hold’em tables with €0.05/€0.10 minimum blinds. Heads-up tables are excluded

When you complete a challenge, you receive one ticket to the daily all-in freerolls. These freeolls have a €1,000 prize pool at run at 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. GMT every day Monday through Sunday. Everyone is set all-in before any hands are dealt so once you have registered for the €1,000 Winter Challenge freerolls, you don’t even have to play in them because the software will take care of it.

Download Everest Poker via PokerNews today and when you make your first deposit, Everest Poker will match it 100 percent up to a maximum of €1,500 plus a free €10 worth of tournament tickets.

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