Win a Share of €50,000 in the Winter Challenge at Everest Poker

Everest Poker

If you love free money and easy to complete missions the €50,000 Winter Challenge at Everest Poker should be right up your alley.

Each day from now until Dec. 31, you can complete two missions to win two tickets to €1,000 Winter Challenge freeroll tournaments at 4 p.m. GMT and 8 p.m. GMT where the title of the tournament suggests, a generous €1,000 is awarded to the winners.

You don't even have to be logged in or be by your computer when the freerolls take place since every player is all-in from the first hand dealt. You simply need to register for the freerolls before they begin and hope luck is on your side for some free loot.

The missions vary each day to suit every type of low-limit player. Some days will feature Twister missions while others will feature cash game or multi-table tournament missions.

To get involved you simply need to opt into the daily missions. When you complete the first easier daily mission you will be awarded one freeroll ticket. The second mission is always a little harder and when completed will award you a second ticket.

DateMission #1Mission #2Type
Dec. 9Play an MTT (€5 minimum)Play an MTT (€10 minimum)MTT
Dec. 10Win 1 twister (€5 minimum)Play 2 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Dec. 11Be dealt 88 or 99Be dealt TT or JJCash
Dec. 12Play 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Twister
Dec. 13Play 50 hands on speed pokerWin with a straight or betterCash
Dec. 14Win 2 hands at showdownShowdown 88 or AACash
Dec. 15Play 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 1 twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Dec. 16See 10 flopsWin a hand with 72Cash
Dec. 17Plan an MTT (€5 minimum)Play the €10,000 Special OneMTT
Dec. 18Win with a straight or betterWin with a flush or betterCash
Dec. 19Win 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Play 5 Twsiter (€2 minimum)Twister
Dec. 20Win with a pocket pairWin with a full house or betterCash
Dec. 21Play an MTT (€5 minimum)Play a ticket satelliteMTT
Dec. 22Play 3 Twister (€2 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€10 minimum)Twister
Dec. 23Play 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Dec. 24Play 10 handsWin 3 hands at showdownCash
Dec. 25Play 1 Twister (€1 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister
Dec. 26Play 5 Twister (€1 minimum)Win 2 Twister (€2 minimum)Twister
Dec. 27Play 50 handsmake a flush or betterCash
Dec. 28Be dealt 33 or 44Be dealt 55 or 66Cash
Dec. 29Win 3 twister (€1 minimum)Win 5 Twister (€1 minimum)Twister
Dec. 30Be dealt KK or AABe dealt JJ or QQCash
Dec. 31Play 2 Twister (€5 minimum)Win 1 Twister (€5 minimum)Twister

All cash challenges must be completed on no-limit hold’em and 6+ hold’em tables with €0.05/€0.10 minimum blinds. Heads-up tables are excluded.

Need an Account?

If you want to get involved in the Winter Challenge, where €50,000 in free money is being given away in December, you will obviously need an account at Everest Poker. We have great news if you don't already have an account at this amazing site as Everest Poker has one of the best welcome packages available anywhere.

Simply download Everest Poker through PokerNews and you will be awarded a huge 200 percent bonus of up to €1,500 on your first deposit. The bonus is easy to clear, so you should see your account balance grow quickly without too much effort.

In addition to the huge deposit bonus, Everest Poker will also award you €10 in free tournament tokens just for signing up and depositing. Even if you deposit just €20 on your first deposit, you will be awarded an additional €50 in free value in the form of €10 in tournament tokens and a €40 bonus!

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