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You have slightly more than one week to get involved in the Unibet Poker Bootcamp promotion so let’s not delay and see what the promotion entails and what you can win.

The Unibet Poker Bootcamp promotion is in the middle of its seventh week — it runs for eight weeks — and it rewards you handsomely for hitting poker-related achievements. You must play no-limit hold’em and pot limit Omaha cash games with blinds of €1/€2 or €2/€4 to be eligible for the prizes.

Unibet awards you with leaderboard points each time you complete an achievement and these points are multiplied depending on the stakes and game variant you play. The table below shows how you can multiply your points.

Bootcamp Multipliers


The achievements set by Unibet Poker are easily met and are broken down into three categories: unlimited, daily, and weekly.

Unlimited achievements can be, as the name suggests, completed an unlimited number of times during the week. As you potentially hit these dozens of times, the points awarded are fewer than the daily and weekly objectives. Check out the table below for a breakdown of the Bootcamp achievements.

Bootcamp Achievements

NLHE PointsPLO PointsFrequencyAchievement
11UnlimitedWin or split any hand from the button
21UnlimitedReach the flop with at least two other players
21UnlimitedReach the flop in two consecutive hands
42UnlimitedBe dealt 72
6025UnlimitedLose with AA at showdown
250250UnlimitedReach a flop showing three cards of the same rank
1000500UnlimitedBe dealt a straight flush
100100DailyPlay at least two cash game tables simultaneously
100100DailyWin three pots in any PLO cash game
500500DailyExperience a losing day of €100 or more
500500WeeklyReach at least five cash game flops for three consecutive days
10001000WeeklyReach at least five cash game flops for seven consecutive days

This week’s Bootcamp leaderboard ends on Jan.21 and next week’s leaderboard runs from Jan. 22-31. The top 30 points earners in each week win a share of €10,000 cash’ prizes range from €200 to €1,000.


Download Unibet Poker via PokerNews and you’ll be able to get your hands on a €200 welcome bonus. This bonus releases into your account when you hit rake milestones. The first €1 hits your account once you’ve raked €2 and another €4 is released when you rake €10. The table below has the current release rates.

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %

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