Build a Bankroll Without Making a Deposit with Shasta at Everest Poker

Everest Poker

If you are looking for an absolutely risk-free way to build a bankroll without even making a deposit, look no further than the Shasta tables at Everest Poker.

Shasta comes in six steps with the first step free for new players that signed up for an account within 90 days. Step 1 is in turbo limit hold'em and eligible players can play up to four per hour for free. By just doing a little math, it comes close to 1,000 free games you have access to. All of the later steps are in no-limit hold'em and open to both players that won tickets and those that wish to buy-in directly.

All of the games are six-max in format. If you finish in the top two place in any of the first five Shasta Step tournaments, you will receive a ticket to the next step. If you finish in the top three spots in the sixth and final step, you will win a free tournament token valued at €10.

Shasta Tournament Prizes

LevelBuy-In1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Shasta Step 1FREEShasta Step 2Shasta Step 2-
Shasta Step 2€0.10Shasta Step 3Shasta Step 3-
Shasta Step 3€0.27Shasta Step 4Shasta Step 4-
Shasta Step 4€0.75Shasta Step 5Shasta Step 5-
Shasta Step 5€2.01Shasta Step 6Shasta Step 6-
Shasta Step 6€5.49€10 Token€10 Token€10 Token

Need an Account?

If you don't already have an account at Everest Poker and want to grind away for free at the Shasta tables, we have great news for you as Everest Poker offers one of the most robust welcome packages available anywhere. Simply, download Everest Poker via PokerNews and when you are ready to make your first deposit, you’ll receive a superb welcome package consisting of:

  • €10 worth of tokens for free (1 x €5 and five x €1)
  • A 200% (up to €1,500) first deposit bonus
  • One token to a choice of three weekly €1,000 freerolls
  • 20 Rewards Points that can be redeemed for cash rewards or entry into special tournaments

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