Get Ready for the 10 Million CHP Added CoinPoker Crypto Series of Poker


The value seems endless at CoinPoker right now with the cryptocurrency online poker site adding a cool 10 million CHP across 17 events during the inaugural Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP).

This is the first major online poker tournament series CoinPoker has run and it is pulling out all the stops to ensure it is a festival to remember. CoinPoker is adding 10 million CHP, the cryptocurrency used at CoinPoker, to 17 different events between May 27 and June 3, including an incredible 2,500,000 CHP to the CSOP Main Event 20K CHP Tony G Bounty event on June 3.

CSOP 2018 Schedule

May 27CSOP 1 Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys)250CHP250,000CHP
 CSOP 2 Knockout (1K CHP)500CHP500,000CHP
May 28CSOP 3 Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys)500CHP200,000CHP
 CSOP 4 1R1A1,000CHP500,000CHP
May 29CSOP 5 Super-Turbo 4-Max750CHP200,000CHP
 CSOP 6 Deepstack2,500CHP500,000CHP
May 30CSOP 7 Knockout1,500CHP200,000CHP
 CSOP 8 2R1A1,000CHP500,000CHP
May 31CSOP 9 Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys)500CHP200,000CHP
 CSOP 10 Super Knockout (1.5K)3,000CHP500,000CHP
Jun 1CSOP 11 Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys)500CHP200,000
 CSOP 12 Super Knockout (2K)4,000CHP1,000,000CHP
Jun 2CSOP 13 Super Turbo1,000CHP500,000CHP
 CSOP 14 Turbo No-Mercy Bounty 10K3,000CHP1,000,000CHP
Jun 3CSOP 15 Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys)1,000CHP200,000CHP
 CSOP Mini Main Event One Rebuy2,500CHP1,000,000CHP
 CSOP Main Event 20K CHP Tony G Bounty5,000CHP2,500,000CHP

CHP was trading for $0.109422 when this article was written

CHP was trading at $0.077715 when PokerNews first broke the news of the inaugural CSOP, but now the value of each CHP has increased to $0.109422, which means even more value is being added to prize pool and that spells good news for CoinPoker’s players.

All 17 events of the CSOP are open to both new and existing CoinPoker customers, but there is a special offer available to those of you who have yet to take the plunge into the world of cryptocurrency online poker.

Download CoinPoker via PokerNews, make your first deposit at the site and CoinPoker will give you a free entry to the opening event of the CSOP. This tournament is a 250 CHP buy-in Turbo no-limit hold’em event on May 27 that has a cool 250,000 CHP added to the prize pool. At today’s prices, that works out at almost $4,900 added to the prize pool as a thanks for supporting CoinPoker.

Don’t delay, sign up to CoinPoker today and get involved in the first-ever CSOP.

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