The $285K Bad Beat Jackpot at TigerGaming is Itching to be Triggered


When you had your last horrific bad beat, were you rewarded for it? If not, you should be kicking yourself for not playing at the bad beat jackpot tables at TigerGaming where the worst bad beat in your life could be the best thing to happen to you at the poker tables.

Right now the jackpot is at around a staggering $285,000. Triggering the jackpot won't be easy but can be done.

As the jackpot is building up, a player needs to lose a hand with quad jacks or better with both the winner and loser in the hand using both of their hole cards. In addition, four players must be dealt into the hand.

As the jackpot gets bigger, the requirements loosen up. TigerGaming always provides what you need clearly in its poker client.

The big loser of the hand will walk away with 20 percent of the jackpot. However, the winner of the hand, others at the table, and even others playing at other bad beat tables will walk away with a great cash award as well.

Bad Beat Jackpot Payouts

  • 20% of the pot to the player with the bad beat
  • 12.5% of the pot to the winner of the hand
  • 12.5% of the pot split among other players at the table
  • 12.5% of pot split among players at other bad beat tables
  • 30% of the pot seeded into the next BBJ
  • 12.5% of the jackpot will go towards administrative fees

The bad beat jackpot is itching to be hit. In a one week period in March it was triggered twice; however, no player was able to win big at the bad beat jackpot tables in April.

Need an Account?

If you want to win big at the bad beat jackpot tables, you will obviously need an account at TigerGaming. If you don't already have an account, we have even better news for you as TigerGaming boasts one of the most amazing welcome packages available anywhere.

[B]Create your free TigerGaming account via [I]PokerNews Canada[/I], deposit at least $50 and your deposit will be matched up to $2,500 simply by sending an email to [email protected] with the bonus code "NEWTG" in the subject line of your email. The TigerGaming support team will quickly get back to you and fund your bonus account.

Not only is the bonus potentially big, but it is easy to clear as well as it releases into your available account balance in tiny $5 chunks for every 1,500 comp points earned. You have 60 days to release the full bonus amount after which your remaining bonus will be forfeited.

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