Win an Endless Amount of Free Tokens in Shasta at Everest Poker

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Many poker players began their poker bankroll without making a deposit. The problem nowadays is that many online poker rooms force you to make a deposit before playing any of their games, including freerolls.

Our friends at Everest Poker have just the solution for you as for 90 days you can play in six-max Shasta sit-and-go tournaments. The best part is that you don't have to deposit.

Simply create your free Everest Poker account through our links and you will be able to enjoy 90 days of free games.

Shasta comes in six steps with the first step available only to new players. As already mentioned, Step 1 is absolutely for free and can be played up to four times per hour for every player that signed up for an account in the last 90 days. Unlike the rest of the steps, which are in no-limit hold'em, the first step instead is in limit hold'em.

All of the games are six-max in format. If you finish in the top two places in any of the first five Shasta Step tournaments, you will be awarded a ticket to the next step. If you finish in the top three spots in the sixth and final step, you will win a free tournament token valued at €10.

Shasta Tournament Prizes

LevelBuy-In1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Shasta Step 1FREEShasta Step 2Shasta Step 2-
Shasta Step 2€0.10Shasta Step 3Shasta Step 3-
Shasta Step 3€0.27Shasta Step 4Shasta Step 4-
Shasta Step 4€0.75Shasta Step 5Shasta Step 5-
Shasta Step 5€2.01Shasta Step 6Shasta Step 6-
Shasta Step 6€5.49€10 Token€10 Token€10 Token

There is an almost endless amount of €10 tokens you can win. By doing a little math, you will have approximately 1,000 chances to work your way up from Step 1. Sign-up to Everest Poker today to get started on your path to free loot.

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