A Closer Look at the Everest Poker Rewards Program

Everest Poker

It pays to be loyal to an online poker site, particularly Everest Poker as they have a superb rewards program that sees bigger and better rewards awarded as you climb up the eight tiers of the program.

All Everest Poker players join the free rewards scheme as soon as they have made their first deposit and begin climbing the eight tiers as soon as they begin earning Summit Points. These Summit Points are awarded at a rate of 10 per €1 or 12 per £1 contributed to the cash game rake or paid in tournament fees.

Everest Poker Reward Chart

Poker Reward LevelSummit Points RequiredReward Point MultiplierCash Out OptionReward Tournaments
Super Elite18,0001.8YesYes

Players also earn Reward Points as they generate Summit Points and it is the Reward Points that can be used to enter many of Everest Poker’s multi-table tournaments or even converted and withdrawn as cash. The higher a player is on the VIP ladder, the more Reward Points are earned.

For example, a player starting as an Iron VIP will earn one Reward Point per Summit Point, but a Diamond VIP earns 1.55 Reward Points for every Summit Point. This makes a massive difference to the Reward Points value; it pays to play more at Everest Poker.

Everest Poker Rewards Cashout Options

There are two options available to those Everest Poker players who wish to exchange their Reward Points for cash. Option 1 is by entering a Sit & Win tournament that is available to all Everest Poker players who are Iron and above.

These tournaments do not require any poker playing and they start as soon as two players are seated at the same Sit & Win tournament. Players choose how many Reward Points they would like to cashout in cash or tournament tokens, with the latter yielding slightly more value.

Sit & Win available to Iron+

Cash ValuePoints requiredTournament Token ValuePoints required

Sit & Win available to Silver+

Cash ValuePoints requiredTournament Token ValuePoints required

The second Everest Poker Rewards cashout option is a more traditional method via a player’s Everest Poker account. This cashout method is only available to Silver VIPs or higher and who want to cash out a minimum of €50.

Silver+ Real Money Cash

Cash ValuePoints required

Elite+ Real Money Cash

Cash ValuePoints required

Everest Poker players can also get involved in €20,000 worth of freerolls every month thanks to the Rewards program. We covered how to gain access to the €1K Series and €5K Series tournaments in a previous article, feast your eyes on it here.

Bag Yourself a deposit bonus of up to €1,500

Everest Poker matches your first deposit amount by 200% up to a maximum of €1,500, giving you the opportunity to give your bankroll a significant boost.

The bonus is released into your account balance €0.50 chunks, giving you a continuous stream of money into your account as you play. If you deposit €20 and receive a €40 bonus, your bonus releases as follows:

  • €5 back on the first €5 you spend on tournament fees and cash game rake
  • €15 of the next €30 you spend on tournament fees and cash game rake
  • €20 of the next €80 you spend on tournament fees and cash game rake

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