Fastforward Your Way to a Share of $50,000 of POWERFEST Tickets

Fastforward Your Way to a Share of $50,000 of POWERFEST Tickets 0001

partypoker has launched a second fastforward Rake Race that will award $50,000 worth of POWERFEST tickets to those players who finish high on each of the three leaderboards.

A fastforward Rake Race took place before the $60 million guaranteed POWERFEST shuffled up and dealt for the first time on Sept. 2 and it proved so popular with the partypoker players that another has launched.

This latest fastforward Rake Race runs from Sept. 6 through Sept. 16 and awards $50,000 worth of POWERFEST tickets that can be used during the third and final week of POWERFEST, where at least $20 million is guaranteed to be won during that week alone.

The promotion is split into three leaderboards based on the fastforward stakes played for. This should help keep matters fair as you will be competing for prizes against players who are playing similar stakes as you.

Earn points for the Low leaderboard by playing in fastforward cash games with blinds of $0.02/$0.05 and $0.05/$0.10. Points are earned for the Mid leaderboard by battling it out at the $0.10/$0.25 and $0.25/$0.50 fastforward cash games. Those of you who grind the $0.50/$1, $1/$2 and $2/$5 fastforward games will earn points towards the High leaderboard.

Leaderboard points are earned by playing real money fastforward cash games, including pot-limit Omaha. You earn one leaderboard point for every cashback point you earn, so one rake race point for every $1 you contribute to the rake.

$50,000 fastforward Rake Race Payout Table

1$215 POWERFEST Ticket$1,050 POWERFEST Ticket$5,200 POWERFEST Ticket
2-10$109 POWERFEST Ticket$530 POWERFEST Ticket$1,050 POWERFEST Ticket
11-20$55 POWERFEST Ticket$215 POWERFEST Ticket$530 POWERFEST Ticket
21-50$27.50 POWERFEST Ticket$109 POWERFEST Ticket$215 POWERFEST Ticket
51-100$16.50 POWERFEST Ticket$55 POWERFEST Ticket$109 POWERFEST Ticket
101-200$11 POWERFEST Ticket$27.50 POWERFEST Ticket 
201-300$5.50 POWERFEST Ticket  

Claim Your $500 Bonus Today

If you do not have a partypoker account you can download the new partypoker software via PokerNews and claim a 100 percent up to $500 first deposit bonus when you make your first deposit using the bonus code “PNCOM”.

You can then head to the fastforward cash game tables on your PC, Mac or even on your favorite Android or iOS powered device and see if you can win your share of $50,000 worth of POWERFEST tickets in the fastforward Rake Race.

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