Celebrate the Holiday Season with Everest Poker's Advent Calendar

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The Advent Calendar is back once again at Everest Poker where you can award yourself with a prize every day between Dec. 1-24.

Getting involved in the Advent Calendar is easy. All you need to do is opt-in through the Everest Poker software and complete a simple mission each day as listed below to be awarded a spin on a wheel. The cash game missions require you to play at €0.05/€0.10 or higher while the Twister and tournament missions require you to play games with a buy-in of at least €5.

Advent Calendar Missions

Dec. 1Win a hand with 7-2 on a cash game
Dec. 2Play 2 tournaments
Dec. 3Play 3 Twister
Dec. 4Be dealt with 2 pairs of Aces on cash games
Dec. 5Win 1 Twister
Dec. 6Win at showdown with a straight on cash games
Dec. 7Play 5 Twister
Dec. 8Be dealt with 3 pairs of 10's or more (JJ to AA) preflop on cash games
Dec. 9Win at showdown with a flush in a tournament
Dec. 10Play 1 Twister
Dec. 11Win 3 hands at showdown on cash games
Dec. 12Be dealt with 3 premium hands (AA, KK, QQ or AK) in a Twister
Dec. 13Play 10 cash games hands
Dec. 14Win a hand postflop with JJ on a Twister
Dec. 15Be dealt with 3 pairs preflop on cash games
Dec. 16Play 1 tournament
Dec. 17Win at showdown with a full house in a Twister
Dec. 18Win a hand postflop with QQ on a cash game
Dec. 19Win 2 Twister
Dec. 20Be dealt with AA or KK two times preflop in tournaments
Dec. 21Win 2 Twister
Dec. 22Win 3 hands on cash games
Dec. 23Be dealt with a pair of AP's preflop on a tournament
Dec. 24Win a hand postflop with AA on Twister

Each time you complete a mission you will earn yourself a spin on the Advent Wheel where you can win amazing prizes ranging from Advent Calendar Freeroll tickets to €20 Twister tickets.

It is possible to earn yourself bonus spins by completing three or more missions as listed below.

3 missions completed1 extra freespin
6 missions completed2 new extra freespins
9 missions completed3 new extra freespins
12 missions completed4 new extra freespins
15 missions completed5 new extra freespins
18 missions completed6 new extra freespins
21 missions completed7 new extra freespins
24 missions completed8 new extra freespins

The Advent Calendar is a great way to help celebrate the Holiday Season. Sign-up to Everest Poker today to see how many free prizes you can win.

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