Play in a $10,000 Powerfest Freeroll on Jul. 21

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Powerfest returns to partypoker for the 10th time and partypoker is celebrating by hosting a freeroll on Jul. 21 that has $10,000 worth of Powerfest tickets as a prize pool.

The freeroll kicks off what partypoker is billing as Powerfest Satellite Week, seven days of freerolls that give you the chance to play in partypoker’s flagship series for no financial outlay. These freerolls are open to every partypoker player with no entry requirements so there is no excuse not to play them all.

$10,000 is guaranteed in the opening freeroll of Powerfest Satellite Week. Cards are in the air from 9:00 p.m. CEST (registration opens one hour prior) with late registration open until the end of the 16th four-minute level. Everyone sits down with 50,000 chips and blinds start at 250/500/55a.

An impressive 2,000 places are paid in the Powerfest Satellite Week $10K Freeroll, with prizes ranging from a $2.75 Powerfest satellite ticket package up to a $250.35 Powerfest ticket package.

Powerfest Satellite Week $10K Freeroll Payouts

1$250.35 Powerfest ticket package
2$172.70 Powerfest ticket package
3$117.70 Powerfest ticket package
4-8$75.35 Powerfest satellite ticket package
9-16$31.35 Powerfest satellite ticket package
17-50$20.35 Powerfest satellite ticket package
51-100$11.55 Powerfest satellite ticket package
101-250$7.15 Powerfest satellite ticket package
251-500$5.50 Powerfest satellite ticket package
501-1000$4.40 Powerfest satellite ticket package
1001-1500$3.30 Powerfest satellite ticket package
1501-2000$2.75 Powerfest satellite ticket package

There’s the chance to win a share of $1,000 worth of Powerfest tickets every day from Jul. 22 to Jul. 27 at 8:00 p.m. CEST. These Powerfest Satellite Week $1K Freeroll tournaments pay the top 500 finishers with a range of Powerfest Feeder and Satellite tickets.

Powerfest Satellite Week $1K Freeroll Payouts

1$50.05 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
2-3$25.85 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
4-8$13.20 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
9-16$8.80 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
17-24$5.50 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
25-50$4.40 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
51-100$3.30 Powerfest Satellite ticket package
101-200$2.20 Powerfest Feeder ticket
201-299$1.10 Powerfest Feeder ticket
300-500$0.55 Powerfest Feeder ticket

Please note: all satellite and feeder tickets expire seven days after being won. All other tickets expire at the conclusion of Powerfest; there is no cash alternative

What is Powerfest?

Powerfest is the flagship tournament series held at partypoker. This latest Powerfest is the 10th edition of the festival and it runs from Jul. 28 through Aug. 11 and features $28 million worth of guaranteed prize pools.

There are eight Championship Events, four no limit hold’em and four pot limit Omaha, with combine guarantees of $1.8 million. Championship Events cost between $11 and $2,100 to enter and all take place on Aug. 11.

Download partypoker Today

You’ll need a partypoker account if you want to compete in any of the Powerfest Satellite Week freerolls and in the Powerfest events. Download partypoker via PokerNews and you can bag yourself up to $30 worth of free SPINS tickets. SPINS are jackpot sit & go tournaments that can pay out up to $1 million in cash in a matter of minutes.

Deposit £/€/$10 and receive $10 in SPINS tickets, awarded to the following schedule:

  • Day 1 Ticket Bundle: 1x $5 and 5x $0.25
  • Day 2 Ticket Bundle: 5x $0.25
  • Day 4 Ticket Bundle: 5x $0.25
  • Day 6 Ticket Bundle: 5x $0.25

Deposit £/€/$20 and receive $30 in SPINS tickets, awarded to the following schedule:

  • Day 1 Ticket Bundle: 1x $5 and 5x $1
  • Day 2 Ticket Bundle: 1x $5 and 5x $1
  • Day 4 Ticket Bundle: 5x $1
  • Day 6 Ticket Bundle: 5x $1

The bonus is different for residents of the United Kingdom. If you’re from the UK, deposit at least £10 to receive £40 worth of free play, which is made up of:

  • Day 1 = 5 x $1 SPINS tickets
  • Day 2 = 5 x $1 SPINS tickets
  • Day 3 = 2 x $5 SPINS $1M tickets
  • Day 4 = 3 x $5.50 MTT tickets
  • Day 5 = 1 x $10.00 SPINS tickets
  • Day 6 = 2 x $5 SPINS $1M tickets

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