Learn About The $200,000 Dragon at 888poker on November 3

888poker The Dragon $200,000 guarantee

Usually, tournament buy-ins at 888poker top out at $530. While this still attracts many of the high-stakes poker community, they will likely come out in big numbers on November 3 when 888poker introduces The $200,000 Dragon for the first time.

The Dragon features a hefty $1,050 buy-in along with a $200,000 guarantee. Some ballers will eagerly pay the four-figure buy-in for a chance at a big payday, but you don't have to with 888poker offering tons of satellites.

Direct qualifiers are already listed in the 888poker client with $109 and $215 buy-ins. This could already prove to be affordable but don't stress if it's not, as there are feeder tournaments into these satellites starting at just one penny or even for free.

How to Qualify for 888poker's $200,000 Dragon for Free

The free path works as follows. If you are already playing at 888poker and have made at least one deposit, simply log into the poker client daily to get a free spin on the BLAST Wheel. You can earn a second spin each day just by logging in via your mobile device from 5 p.m. GMT until midnight.

While it is possible to come up empty with your free BLAST spins, most of the time you win something including tickets to the $3,000 Lucky BLAST freeroll. You can earn a free $5 BLAST ticket just by finishing in the top 600 spots in the freeroll.

The $5 BLAST ticket doesn't have to be used on BLAST games as they can be used in any $5 tournament including feeder tournaments to the $109 and $215 satellites to The Dragon.

888poker's The Dragon features a $1,050 buy-in and a $200,000 guarantee
888poker's The Dragon features a $1,050 buy-in and a $200,000 guarantee

The Dragon's Amazing Structure

The Dragon kicks off on November 3 at 6 p.m. and features an amazing structure. Players start with a huge stack of 50,000 in chips and blinds increase every 12 minutes.

Players can reenter up to three times during the 205-minute late registration window, provided that they lose all of their chips.

Don't wait to the last minute to qualify. Visit 888poker and get started on your path to playing in this amazing tournament on November 3.

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