WSOP Launches Texas Roulette on its Social Poker App


The World Series of Poker is the biggest poker brand in the world and is often at the forefront of innovation. Those of you who play on the WSOP social poker app, which you can do from anywhere in the world, will be delighted to learn the WSOP has launched a brand new game that it calls Texas Roulette.

Currently available in Texas Hold’em guise at the moment, Texas Roulette is an action-packed cash game variant that sets pulses racing.

Think of Texas Roulette in the same way as the push or fold tables that some real money online poker sites offer, although there is a little twist. First, auto top-up and auto rebuy are set to be permanently on, ensuring everyone has a full-stack at all times. Second, the only action you can perform pre-flop is tolimp in (call) or fold, meaning players often enter the hand with less than stellar holdings. Finally, once the flop is dealt, all you can do is push all-in or fold, which creates some massive posts.

Texas Roulette is currently available in what the WSOP calls Play Hard or Play Harder. The former has a buy-in of 250,000 chips, and the blinds are 12,500/25,000. The latter has a 2,500,000 buy-in with blinds of 125,000/250,000, making for some gigantic pots!

Start Your WSOP Career With 250,000 Chips On Us

You can start your WSOP career with a free 250,000 chips just for creating your account via PokerNews links. The WSOP game is completely free to play, although you can buy more chips if you wish, meaning it is legal all around the world, giving you access to online poker wherever you call home.

Everyone who creates their WSOP via PokerNews receives 250,000 chips to spend how they wish. What’s more, connect your Facebook account to your WSOP account, and you’ll receive an additional 15,000 chips for your troubles.

You’ll then earn free chips every day and get your hands on even more chips each time one of your Facebook friends joins you on the WSOP app.

Create your WSOP account today, jump into a Texas Roulette cash game and see if you can outdraw your opponents in this crazy poker variant.

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