Leak Buster
A powerful poker analysis software which analyzes all of the poker hands that a player has played at an online poker room

Ace Poker Drills
A poker training application to focuses on pre-flop and post flop play in a quiz style format. The user is placed into a unique situation and then has to choose the correct answer between 4 multiple choice answers

Ace Poker Coach
A poker training application where a user plays against multiple poker AI (artificial intelligence bots), and it instructs and teaches the user what the correct plays would be in each situation.

Bovada Poker Converter
This is a simple program that converts hands from Bovada/Bodog poker and converts them into a format that users can import into their poker database programs like holdem manager 1 and 2, and PokerTracker 3 and 4. A big feature of this program is the ability to see opponent known hole cards for every hand at the table.

Bovada Poker Catcher HUD
This program catches hands in real time off the bovada/bodog poker sites so users can run a HUD from Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4.

Good luck and have see you at the table