Daniel Negreanu on What Makes a Good Bankroll

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu returned to his YouTube channel this week with another helpful video, this time addressing a common question among serious part-timers and poker players seeking to go pro — What is a good bankroll?

As Negreanu points out, every poker player's situation is unique, so it's actually quite difficult to give "one size fits all" advice about bankroll requirements. He does, however, highlight a couple of key questions players can ask themselves to help determine what would be a good bankroll for them.

First, he suggests, players should assess where they stand with regard to the possibility of losing it all. How comfortable are you with going bust? And, importantly, should you lose your entire bankroll, do you have any means to start again with a new one?

Understanding your own personal feelings about the "risk of ruin" has a lot to do with what size bankroll is going to work for you.

Secondly, players need to be honest with themselves about their skill level, especially compared to the opponents they find themselves playing against most regularly. In other words, how good you are also has a lot to do with what a "good" bankroll is going to be.

Negreanu also shares with some guidelines — again, delivered with the above caveats regarding your specific situation — about what constitutes a workable, minimum bankroll for both cash games and tournaments. Take a look:

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