Can the Old School Beat the New School with Poker Coach and Legend Bill Seymour

Bill Seymour

You may not be familiar with Bill Seymour, but many players who have been around the poker world since the early 1990s are.

A regular on the professional poker circuit for more than 20 years, Seymour has won several tournaments and made numerous final tables in a variety of games. Meanwhile as a poker coach he's helped hundreds of players improve, among them Jonathan Little who lists Seymour as his first coach and poker mentor.

PokerNews spoke with Seymour at the 2016 World Series of Poker this week about old school" poker players and the challenge presented to them by those of the "new school."

Seymour discusses a situation where he found himself playing in a tournament at a table with Isaac Haxton and Justin Bonomo where he recognized the effort required to study and compete with the new generation of players.

He also comments on the difficulty some players face breaking out of a by-the-book or "A-B-C" style and learning how to adapt. Take a look:

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