Strategy with Kristy: Aaron "Wiltontilt" Wilt Answers Listener Questions

Aaron Wilt, also known as "WiltOnTilt," is the latest guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast. He is highly respected for his live and online game as well as for his coaching and instructing ability. Wilt has hosted over 170 videos on Deuces Cracked, and his podcast, Live Poker Edge, is approaching its first anniversary.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

"If I went back in time, what I would tell myself as a newb to help me keep ahead of the curve is that, firstly, versus inexperienced players, focus more on their range than your hand. So in other words, when you're playing against other people who are not expert players, you should be focusing on what sort of hands they're representing more so than what sort of hands you are representing or what your actual hand is. Secondly, on the flip side of that, when you're playing tougher opponents, you should focus more on your own range than your own hand. Against tougher opponents, it's more crucial that your overall range is set in a good way than your actual hand. Because every time you're making a bet or a raise or a check, you should always be thinking about, 'What are the other hands I can have here?' So when I'm playing a tough opponent, based on that, how can I interpret his actions? If in a certain spot, I feel like my range is very weak, yet I'm still getting raised by a tough opponent, that should make me take a step back and say, 'Wait a second. He knows what my range is here, roughly. He knows what I'm representing. Yet he's doing this particular action. How does that, then, influence his range?' And that will help me determine what my next step should be.

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