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Strategy with Kristy: Timothy Adams Analyzes Hand from EPT London Super High Roller

  • Kristy ArnettKristy Arnett

On this week's Strategy with Kristy podcast, Timothy Adams serves as guest. Adams, also known as "'Tim0thee" online, has been on a live tournament hot streak this year, particularly when it comes to High Roller events. He placed fourth in the €100,000 buy-in Super High Roller at EPT Grand Final, cashed in the €10,000 High Roller at EPT Barcelona, and most recently, he finished sixth in the £50,000 Super High Roller at EPT London. Adams spoke to Kristy on Day 2 of that event about an interesting hand he played.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

At this point, I have a good table image. I've been winning a few pots without showdown and the one hand I showed down was pocket kings. So, Shaun Buchanan opened in in the cutoff to 17,000 with the blinds at 4,000-8,000. I was in the small blind with {k-Spades}{10-Spades}. Phillip Gruissem called in the big blind.

I would be more inclined to three-bet {k-}{10-} offsuit, but I like flatting this hand when I'm suited. I just don't want to three-bet, have him four-bet, and have to fold. My hand plays great. The only issue is that Phillip could squeeze from the big blind, but by me calling, he's getting a good price to see a flop. I don't think he'd just squeeze hands like {j-}{8-}, {j-}{9-} suited type hand. He would just call.

We were three ways to flop, and it came {q-}{j-}{9-}, two spades. I pretty much flop the world. I decided to lead the flop for 29,000 which was roughly half pot. I decided to lead because when it checks to Shawn, he tends to check back a lot of hands because of how wet the board is. He wouldn't want to check-raised with a hand like {j-}{x-}. Even with a hand like {k-}{q-} he sometimes checks behind.

Check out the podcast to find out how this hand ends:

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