$1,100 Main Event

Kim Killed with Kings to Burst Bubble

LaneAnderson • Level 16: 4,000-8,000, 0 ante
Kim McClymont

Kim McClymont woke up with pocket kings on the money bubble and shipped it all in over the top of an under-the-gun open. James Gibson folded in the big blind with barely more than a small blind left and the original raiser called. McClymont turned over kings and her opponent flipped over the other two kings in the deck. The board ran out and they chopped the pot.

In the next hand, James Gibson folded his small blind, leaving himself just 500 chips and a whole orbit to hope someone else would bust.

One hand later, McClymont was in the big blind and Bel Roque raised into her from middle position. She pushed all in and Roque called. McClymont had kings again! Roque flipped over ace-king. The flop was harmless but the turn was an ace and McClymont was eliminated on the bubble.

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Kim McClymont
Kim McClymont

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