$700 No-Limit Hold'em

Dominick French Wins Event #2 at the 2017 Station Poker Classic for $24,313!

ElleSriracha • Level 28: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Dominick French

Dominick French has taken down Event #2 $700 No Limit Hold'em at the Station Poker Classic for $24,313 along with the ring and the title!

French and Danny Lamb made a deal when heads up play began. Chip stacks were fairly even, so the pair pocketed $22,500 each and decided to play for $1,813 and the ring. Heads-up play lasted a very long time, two hours and thirty minutes, to be exact. The final table itself came together very quickly, but lasted a long time overall, roughly six hours and 45 minutes. The tournament itself ran for 16 hours and 45 minutes, for a total of 28 levels.

This event brought in a total of 169 entries for a prize pool of $106,470. A total of 17 spots were paid out, guaranteeing at least $1,689 for a min-cash.

Some notable players who hopped in the tournament but didn't make the money include Ryan Comely, Cindy Kerslake, JC Wallace, Kim McClymont, Mike Smith, Jared Klimosko and Kris Klimosko.

In the final hand, Lamb was short and got his remaining stack in with jack-three of hearts, called by French's nine-eight off suit. French flopped a pair of eights and Lamb was unable to catch up, leaving him to settle for second place.

Here's a look at the final table results:

1st PlaceDominick French$24,313* 
2nd PlaceDanny Lamb$22,500* 
3rd PlaceErik Leipert$12,312 
4th PlaceWes Gelowitz$8,755 
5th PlaceJason Cumbers$6,532 
6th PlaceLee Symak$5,090 
7th PlaceArnie Moch$4,123 
8th PlaceMike Cartwright$3,455 
9th PlacePhil Riley$2,979 
10th PlaceBrent Ober$2,635 

The final table of ten began at a steady pace, and the first casualty was Brent Ober (10th Place - $2,635) after almost an hour of play. Ober turned a straight, but Erik Leipert rivered a flush, having Ober covered by a hair. Phil Riley was eliminated in the next hand after running tens into pocket kings, but took home $2,979 for his deep run.

Play continued on for another hour before the next bust out, which was Mike Cartwright (8th Place - $3,455). He was crippled in an earlier hand when he ran ace-jack suited into kings and couldn't recover. Seventh place belonged to Arnie Moch (7th Place - $4,123) who woke up to ace-jack suited in the big blind but ran into Lamb's pocket aces. He flopped a draw but couldn't catch up, and settled for a decent score to end the night.

Another hour went by and play was intense. Chip leads changed and short stacks built their stacks up, making impressive comebacks. Lee Symak was among those who came back, as he started the final table with the shortest stack and ran it up to finish in sixth place ($5,090) after running pocket fours into Lamb's nines. Jason Cumbers was the next to go a short while later and got it in with jack-ten but ran into Wes Gelowitz's aces. His finish in fifth place was good for a payday of $6,532.

Four-handed play went on for over an hour until Gelowitz found himself very short, forced to get it in with a marginal holding. Lamb rivered a pair of nines and Gelowitz settled for fourth place and $8,755. Erik Leipert was next to go in third place ($12,312) and got it in with ace-ten of spades. Unfortunately for him, French woke up to ace-king and held on to eliminate Leipert.

For a complete list of eliminations, take a look at the Payouts tab.

Stick with PokerNews for the last two events in the Station Poker Classic series. Tomorrow's event will cost $900 and will include $100 bounties for each elimination. Registration closes after level four, as usual, and players will start with 10,000 chips and play 30-minute levels. Good luck!

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