$600 Winnipeg Free Press No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament

Arnason Keeps on Rolling While Gibson Eliminated in Seventh

LaneAnderson • Level 18: 5,000-10,000, 500 ante
Jame Gibson

James Gibson opened on the button for his remaining 55,500. Garth Arnason made the call out of the small blind and Chris Wallmuth folded in the big blind.

Gibson tabled {9-}{9-} while Arnason showed {6-}{6-}

The board ran out {7-}{j-}{7-}{A-}{6-}, giving Arnason a rivered set to knock out another opponent and give himself over half of the chips in play.

Gibson was eliminated in seventh.

Player Chips Progress
Garth Arnason
Garth Arnason
870,000 170,000
James Gibson ca
James Gibson
ca Busted

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