Event #6: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Steven Loube us 361,000 0
Josh Arieh us 358,000 0
Douglas Foster US 358,000 0
Jared Jaffee us 354,000 0
Maxx Coleman us 354,000 0
Shawn Busse us 354,000 0
David Trager US 354,000 0
Alex Bolotin us 353,000 0
Colin York us 353,000 0
Dimitar Danchev bg 352,000 0
Jon Lane us 350,000 0
Steven Geralis US 346,000 0
Scott Vener us 59,000 -6,000
Jason Dewitt us 58,000 6,000
Jesse Rockowitz us 43,500 7,650
Jeremy Wien us 35,825 0
Mayen Grigorian US 35,775 0
Timothy Bishop us 34,800 -1,225
Michael Levine US 31,525 31,525
Eric Crain us Updated
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10,000 -2,500
Alex Queen us Updated
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David Kaye Updated
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5,750 2,600
Dan Gannon us Updated
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5,500 -7,000
Ryan Laplante us Updated
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Owen Crowe ca Updated
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logan headley Updated
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3,300 -2,300
Tor Welo Updated
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3,200 0
Layne Flack us Updated
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2,800 -1,900
Kevin Allen gb Updated
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2,600 -6,200
Hans Winzeler us Updated
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David Malka US Busted
Ismail Abousharkh US Busted
Robert Tepper US Busted
Steven Curran US Busted
Cody Slaubaugh us Busted
Jonathan Clancy US Busted
Bart Lybaert be Busted
Tom Slifka US Busted
Jan Christoph Von Halle de Busted
Kyle Frey us Busted
Michael Kassela US Busted
Michael Ogrady us Busted
Jesse Wilke US Busted
Brad Libson us Busted
Shannon Shorr us Busted
Steve Stencil US Busted
Jordan Young us Busted
Chris Tryba us Busted
Eric Kurtzman us Busted
Russell Rosenblum us Busted
Rupesh Pattni us Busted
David Gonia us Busted
Eddie Zakaria ca Busted
Tim West us Busted
Anthony Augustino us Busted
Jeffrey Brunelle us Busted
Brent Roberts us Busted
Luis Silva us Busted
David "Bakes" Baker us Busted
Ronald Bell us Busted
Paul Evans us Busted
Joe McKeehen us Busted
Louis Salter gb Busted
Hunter Cichy us Busted
Travis Roseberry US Busted
Rick Hollman us Busted
Hon Cheong Lee hk Busted
Grant Hinkle us Busted
Lucas Picking us Busted
Joshua Reynolds US Busted
Joseph Cheong us Busted
Jonathan Aguiar us Busted
Andreas Hoivold no Busted
Kody Muir US Busted
Andres Garcia us Busted
Masaaki Izushima US Busted
Jarod Ludemann us Busted
David Diiorio us Busted
Archibald Vanhorn US Busted
Sean Winter us Busted
Mark Edwards US Busted
Eugene Katchalov ua Busted
David Vamplew gb Busted
Noah Merritt us Busted
Feizal Satchu ca Busted
Kyle Julius us Busted
Dinesh Alt ch Busted
Aditya Prasetyo us Busted
Paul Balzano us Busted
Mike Somma us Busted
Humberto Brenes cr Busted
John Dolan us Busted
Mike Matusow us Busted
Isaac Baron us Busted
Chris Bell us Busted
Chad Wassmuth us Busted
Brian Pinkus US Busted
William Jones CL Busted
Amanda Musumeci us Busted
Leo Wolpert us Busted
Nicholas Palma us Busted
Ryan Hall ca Busted
Christian Harder us Busted
Frank Patti us Busted
Steve Gross us Busted
Kevin Kalthoff US Busted
Todd Whitaker US Busted
Shaun Johnston US Busted
Michael Corson us Busted
Jordan Cristos us Busted
Russell Boyd us Busted
David Israelite us Busted
Benjamin Reason us Busted
Greg Merson us Busted
Upeshka Desilva us Busted
Lech Boltryk us Busted
Gregory Roberts us Busted
Jamie Roberts GB Busted
Allen Kessler us Busted
Chad Burum US Busted
Kory Mitchell us Busted
Jonathan Pfaff US Busted
Cole Jackson us Busted
Yehuda Buchalter us Busted
Danny Ciaramella US Busted
Niel Mittelman us Busted
Jesse Smith us Busted
Timothy Reilly us Busted
Michael Wang us Busted
Josh Pollock us Busted
Theodore Atler US Busted
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