Event #8: $1,500 Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em

Nguyen Wins One From Ho

YorkshirePud • Level 15: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante

As the players went onto their dinner break, Tuyen Nguyen defended his big blind with a call after Maria Ho had opened from the cutoff.

The dealer spread the {9-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{A-Diamonds} flop, Nguyen checking to Ho, who bet 4,000. Nguyen then check-raised to 10,000 and Ho called.

The turn was the {Q-Hearts} and Nguyen looked set to make a bet of around 18,000 judging by the chips he stack, but all of a sudden opted to move all-in instead. Ho asked for a count, the amount to call was 42,700, and Ho got to trying to put her opponent on a hand.

Eventually, a couple of minutes into the dinner break Ho folded.

Nguyen showed the {A-Spades} which prompted Ho to ask "what was your kicker?" The reply was also a question, "what was your kicker?!"

Ho said it was obvious she had an ace and wondered if her hand was best but Nguyen refused to reveal his second hole card.

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