Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Frank Patti us 1,197,000 597,000
Jorge Vergara US 1,159,000 109,000
Danny Nguyen us 687,000 232,000
David Inselberg us 458,000 -27,000
Jeff Smith us 431,000 -59,000
Chris Hunichen us 404,000 -191,000
Vinny Pahuja us 341,000 -39,000
Dylan Linde us 311,000 -109,000
Chris Haugo us 277,000 -33,000
John Fontana us 255,000 35,000
Brad Libson us 232,000 47,000
Cornel Medes RO 116,000 -124,000
Chaz Bloom Updated
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14,100 9,100
Jeff Gross us Updated
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10,000 3,800
Casey Long us Updated
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9,500 -5,500
Greg Lucchese Updated
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9,225 950
Jeremiah Angell Updated
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7,000 -4,500
Scott Brian Updated
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Eddy Sabat us Updated
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4,575 1,575
Jeff Blenkarn us Updated
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2,925 -350
Peter Blow Updated
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2,600 -1,200
Philip Tzeng Updated
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1,750 100
Eric Winkie Updated
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1,400 -550
Rene Angelil US Busted
Simeon Naydenov bg Busted
Brandon Garrity US Busted
Sean Giesbrecht CA Busted
Bob Bounahra bz Busted
Troy Baker US Busted
Jerry DeNicholas us Busted
Adam Geyer us Busted
Rick Fitzgerald Busted
Christopher Bonita US Busted
Josh Hillock Busted
Debbie Kim US Busted
Nathan Fair us Busted
Perry Lin us Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
Joseph Valenzuela us Busted
Brian Zekus us Busted
Owen Crowe ca Busted
Vladimir Dobrovolskii US Busted
Kevin Wright ca Busted
Robert Choi US Busted
Rachel Kranz US Busted
Brent Wheeler us Busted
Fernando Arista MX Busted
Fernandro Arista Busted
Greg Konrad US Busted
Steve Gross us Busted
Richard Whitebrook us Busted
Jeff Cote CA Busted
Charles Welch US Busted
Kevin Poel BO Busted
Ryan Jaconetti us Busted
John Lin US Busted
Rodney Brown us Busted
Peter Johnson US Busted
Joseph Loguidice US Busted
Randal Flowers us Busted
Scott Hill ca Busted
Faraz Jaka us Busted
Tom Braband us Busted
Amnon Filippi us Busted
Alexandros Kolonias gr Busted
Kevin O'Donnell us Busted
David Eldridge us Busted
Damien Annuschat US Busted
Champie Douglas us Busted
Salvatore Bianco IT Busted
Marco Pondrelli US Busted
Rupesh Pattni us Busted
Henry Paniccia us Busted
David Marczak US Busted
Kenny Hicks Busted
Angela Moed US Busted
Mark Radoja ca Busted
Mitch Schock us Busted
Nabih Zaczac US Busted
Daniel Davies CA Busted
Alexander Turyansky us Busted
Jason Hallee ca Busted
Elish Patel US Busted
Stuart Pfeifer US Busted
Keven Stammen us Busted
Edmilson Oliveira BR Busted
Thiago Nishijima br Busted
Christopher Louviere US Busted
Neal Elgin US Busted
Alexandru Masek us Busted
Gregg Merkow us Busted
Walmor Schmitt BR Busted
Brad Tucker us Busted
Spencer Champlin us Busted
Mike Pickett US Busted
Daniel Park us Busted
David Chase us Busted
Adalberto Orrigo IT Busted
Mika Paasonen FI Busted
Byung Lee US Busted
David Champion US Busted
Gary Mentro US Busted
Cid Campelo br Busted
Hyuck Kwon US Busted
Tyler Patterson us Busted
Nam Le us Busted
Daniel Buzgon us Busted
Hieu Tran US Busted
Michael Wynn US Busted
Jacob Daniels us Busted
Michael Register US Busted
Donald Civic au Busted
Michael Costello us Busted
Peter Cross ca Busted
Son Chau CA Busted
Tom Cage us Busted
Mike Allis us Busted
Axel Mollenkott DE Busted
Dalton Mills US Busted
David Wojtczak US Busted
Brain Zekus Busted
Jorge Arriola us Busted
Tony Dunst us Busted
Idris Drief gb Busted
Dominik Nitsche de Busted
Matthew Lengal us Busted
Caryn Barab US Busted
Stuart Marshak US Busted
Cleiton Piotto Assuncao BR Busted
Masato Yokosawa jp Busted
Ivan Tononi it Busted
Krzysztof Stybaniewicz us Busted
Suzanne Miller US Busted
Javier Figueroa us Busted
Lauri Pesonen FI Busted
Kyle Cartwright us Busted
Frank Rusnak us Busted
Carter Gill US Busted
Douglas Ashmore US Busted
Glenn Swanlund ca Busted
Najib Kamand gb Busted
Gionni Demers us Busted
Dung Nguyen us Busted
Ken Wu CA Busted
Richard Klein us Busted
Benoit Jean ca Busted
Christopher MacNeil US Busted
Salvatore Casale US Busted
Will Jaffe us Busted
Walter Treccarichi it Busted
Mo Chun US Busted
Britton Purvis US Busted
Sebastien Plaa FR Busted
Mark Drover CA Busted
Jacob Schindler us Busted
Hien Ly us Busted
Shannon Shorr us Busted
Jacob Bucher US Busted
Christian Harder us Busted
Ray Qartomy us Busted
Justin Kinslow CA Busted
Ryan Hartmann us Busted
Raymond Chan gb Busted
Samuel Murphy us Busted
Royce Cohen US Busted
Richard Murnick us Busted
David Hoote US Busted
Shadron Walton US Busted
D Schlosser US Busted
Michael Gross us Busted
Huy Nguyen us Busted
Travis Roseberry US Busted
Stephen Kmet US Busted
Tylor Hemme US Busted
Matthew Emmel us Updated
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Tim Colby Updated
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Boyan Josic Updated
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Devin Looney us Updated
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